8 Ways Your Baby is Saying: I Love You, Mommy!

I love you, baby! I love you, mommy! Well, young babies might not say it like that right away, but they do have their ways. So, naka-ilang I love you ka today, mommy?


Real-talk: taking care of babies is not a walk in the park. Yes, they’re a joy to cuddle and be with, but parents are humans too who sometimes get their “off” days when the childcare duties we normally don’t mind doing becomes a chore, and our typically happy baby seems cranky and fussy all throughout the day.

To get you through these “off days,” here’s a parenting secret: yes, we might intuitively feel that our baby loves us, but they can also reaffirm their love for us in their own little ways. Here are a few signs that could mean your baby’s saying I love you!

He knows and recognizes you

Babies, including young ones, recognize us as their parents. Whether it’s via our smell (our normal scent or even the scent of our breastmilk), babies simply know when we’re nearby to comfort and soothe them. So it’s no surprise when they cease fussing or crying the minute we hold them in our arms. And if you feel that he cries 24/7, don’t worry because soon you can easily decipher what his every cry means — whether it’s a hungry cry, a dirty diaper cry, or even a bored cry. And once this happens, congratulations, because you and your baby have started bonding.

He smiles at you

You might have read that a young baby’s smiles do not count because they’re merely an involuntary reflex. But recent studies have shown that their grins, no matter how fleeting, are their reactions to your smiles, so it does count. He starts to smile socially at around 6 to 8 weeks, and chances are, he’ll be smiling at you, daddy, or his older siblings at around this time.

He flirts with you

Aside from smiling, you can tell that your baby loves and likes you when he “flirts” with you, that is, he interacts with you by following you with his eyes, mimicking your facial expressions, and even playing peek-a-boo. Encourage this connection by using exaggerated facial expressions to flirt back — this way your baby knows how happy you are with your interaction and chances are, he’ll beam right back.

He gives you kisses

Baby kisses are not exactly what you’d expect — they’re wet, sloppy, and can go anywhere but your lips, but they are the best. Chances are, he would’ve learned to give these kisses from when you give him kisses and cuddles yourself, so the fact that he can reciprocate the act means that he’s paying attention to your affections and is now eager to repay it himself.

He holds up his arms to you

Admit it, moms, there’s nothing better than seeing your baby hold his arms up to you no matter where he is or who’s holding him at that moment. It’s his simple way of expressing that he trusts you and adores you.


He’ll crawl or cruise away, then come right back

Ever noticed how your baby tends to crawl right back to you right after crawling away? This means that your child recognizes your presence as warm, cozy, and safe.




He goes crazy cheering for you

Has your baby bounced on his seat, giggled, and cheered when he sees you again after leaving him for a few minutes? You might think he’s the cutest when he does, but also note that this is his way of telling you that you’re a rock star and more importantly, that he’s deeply attached to you. So revel on the cheers, mama.

He’ll get inconsolable whenever you leave

Your baby’s cries and fussiness when you leave him might be a source of stress, but this can be a sign of separation anxiety, which in turn means that he knows you from other people and that he loves you.




Chances are, your baby is telling you that he likes you and loves you in his simple way. And the best way to see this is by having as much bonding time as possible. One way to ensure that you get quality time together is by keeping your baby healthy and happy.

Keeping your baby healthy and happy is not as hard as it might seem, because we are built for this as moms. Plus, perhaps one of the easiest ways to ensure that he’s healthy and cheerful is to ensure that he has a dry and smooth bum bum because having one means:

  • He gets enough sleep at night, so he wakes up fully-rested and happy
  • He’s comfortable most of the time because he doesn’t feel itchy or yucky — so he can cuddle, explore, and interact with you throughout the day

Keep your baby’s bum bum clean and rash-free with EQ Dry Diapers. EQ Dry’s  Bubble Top Sheet keep your baby dry and free of harmful bacteria, plus its Adequate Distribution Layer (ADL) makes it more absorbent even if left overnight. Dahil sa pwet nagkakatalo kung active at masaya si baby buong araw.

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