9 Must-Have Items for Your Family’s Blackout/Typhoon Kit

Brownout?! Anong mga must-haves niyo tuwing may bagyo at posibleng mag-brownout? 🤔

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Typhoons are nothing new for us Filipinos. As we always say: Bagyo ka lang, Pinoy kami (yes to resilience but yes to accountability as well). If your family is one of those blessed enough to be able to wait out the typhoon in your own home without having to evacuate to a safer place, then here’s one more recommendation, stock up on these items to ensure that your family stays safe and comfortable throughout.

Blackouts can be common during typhoon season, which can be a hassle for everyone especially for parents with small kids. So we recommend assembling your family’s blackout kit. Here are a few things to include (plus links to buy 🙂):

Storage box

A storage box is a good place to start, as this can function as your “blackout kit” and hold all your essentials in one place. One made of clear plastic – so you can easily see the contents, and waterproof to ensure that the items inside remain safe and usable.

Rechargeable lights/lamps

A light source is one of the most important items you’ll need for your blackout kit. Rechargeable lights or lamps are useful in lighting up rooms, such as your kitchen for meal preparations and dining room for meals. Those that use LED lamps tend to be brighter and more energy-efficient.

Battery-operated flashlights

You might think that flashlights are unnecessary these days since we already have rechargeable lights and even the flashlight option in our smartphones, but don’t dismiss it just yet. Battery-operated flashlights can be useful when your rechargeable gadgets’ batteries are depleted, or in situations wherein you need to use it exposed to the elements.

Portable transistor radio

Transistor radios might not be of much use these days thanks to smartphones and the Internet but these will come in handy during blackouts when power and Internet connectivity might be compromised. You can use it to keep up to date with news and weather reports.

Rechargeable or battery-operated fans

Fans are a must in our tropical country, as the heat can be unbearable even just a day after a typhoon. You can ensure that your kids (and you) get some semblance of comfort by stocking up on battery-operated or rechargeable fans.

Portable gas-powered stove

If you are already using induction cookers or electric ranges, then it would also be good to have a portable gas-powered stove on hand. You can use this to cook your meals instead of relying on food delivery services, which might also be offline due to the typhoon.

Powerbanks or portable chargers

A reliable charger can give your phone much-needed juice to make emergency calls or calls to your family and friends. Some models might also be able to give you enough power to charge your rechargeable lamps or fans.

Extra batteries

Be sure to include these, especially ones for your flashlight and transistor radio.

Portable power station

You can also consider investing in a portable power station, which has enough power to charge your rechargeable lights, fans, smartphones, and even laptops. Some models are small enough to easily store and also offer the option to charge via solar panels or your car. You can easily charge it also via plug once the power comes back on, and it/s quieter than regular diesel-powered generators.

Stay safe and dry, mamas!

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