Top 5 Playdate Companions for Parents and Babies

What are your favorite toys/products for your kids, mamas? 🙂


Being a parent is a great blessing, but can sometimes be nerve-wracking. Shaping a younger life form often leads you to asking yourself a series of anxious questions, especially with the toys they play with. Is this safe? Is this lead-free? Is he going to choke on this? Can this hurt my baby in any way? These and a lot more worries constantly hound the mind of a parent.

These same questions also pestered the thoughts of Play Date Collection owners, Beal and Jen Asuncion. Being parents to a toddler themselves, they made sure that they chose toys and products that are safe for their son. Thinking about their own child’s safety and well-being, they were able to give birth to Play Date Collection, the perfect companion for parents and babies.

Play Date Collection provides quality products that aid in developing the 5 senses of babies in a good and safe environment. They are all lead-free, safe for babies, durable, and definitely not a choking hazard. Each product is safe and long-lasting, something that infants, teething babies, and toddlers need.

Some of the best selling items for babies are the following:

The Alilo Smarty Shake & Tell Rattle! This intelligent smart digital player and rattle come with over 15 different rattle sounds such as musical instruments, animal calls and a lot more! It can also playback songs, stories, and lullabies, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

The Alilo Smarty Bunny is specially designed for those tiny hands & is child-safe without any sharp edges. It has a built-in rechargeable battery making it both environmentally friendly and economical as well.

If you have a restless sleeper, fret no more. The Rockit Portable Baby Rocker is the answer to your sleepless nights. An award-winning baby sleep aid, it fits on any stroller, buggy, or pram and provides a gentle rocking motion which helps keep your baby asleep or soothe them to sleep.

The Zed Vibration Sleep Soother and Night Light mimics the feeling of being in a car. This clever technology recreates soothing low-frequency vibrations that are known to send babies to sleep. The finely tuned vibrations ripple gently through the mattress, comforting your baby and encouraging deep sleep.

Genius suction plate and lunch box in one, the EasyTots EasyMat Mini is perfect for kids who are already starting to eat. It comes with a lid and carry case to prevent whole meals ending up on the floor. Designed to fit high chairs and stick down to all smooth surfaces, it encourages self-feeding but less the stress and mess.

Lastly, for those who are starting to teeth and gnaw at things, the Indestructibles is the perfect product. These are books built for the way babies “read” so they are rip proof, chew proof, and 100% washable. That way, you can be sure that all traces of saliva and bacteria can be rinsed off.

As Christmas nears, Play Date Collection is a good thing to consider as a gift to fellow parents, and your children, too. Educational and safe, Play Date Collection is the best partner that every parent needs, so playtime can be fun and safe, anytime, anywhere.

Play Date Collection products are now available at their website. You may also visit their Facebook and Instagram.


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