Bringing Home Baby: What is Your Postpartum Plan?

Having a baby is a welcome gift to any couple. But bringing home a baby takes a lot more preparation than just decorating your baby's new room or...

8 Ways Your Baby is Saying: I Love You, Mommy!

I love you, baby! I love you, mommy! Well, young babies might not say it like that right away, but they do have their ways. So, naka-ilang I love you ka today, mommy?

Breakthrough ingredient makes insect repellent lotion safer for kids

  Parents should take care in choosing their family's insect repellent and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the different choices available today. Check your current insect repellent and the...

Solenn Gives Birth, Gets Real About Postpartum Body

Congratulations to the new parents, and hello baby Thylane 👶🏻❤️

Am I Spoiling My Child? The 101 on Positive Discipline

By Nina Malanay Positive Discipline has become a buzzword among young parents. With most of us having been raised in strict, authoritarian homes, today’s generation of parents are moving away...

Basic Guide For Parents: Ways To Bond With Your Baby

Finally getting to hold your precious baby in your arms is the start of your lifelong commitment as a parent. But apart from obvious needs like medical care...

Baby and Solid Food: Myths vs Facts

Are you getting mixed advice over your baby's first meal? We're debunking the myths and highlighting the facts just for you. 😉

5 Tips On Travelling With Young Kids

Here are essential things to remember if you’re traveling with kids: 1. Plan your trip expecting the things that might cause delays, and yes that includes toddler’s temper tantrums....

How Our 3-Year Breastfeeding Journey Ended: Nursing Aversion

I began my breastfeeding journey in April of 2016 when my first daughter was born. As a researcher by profession and passion, I researched a lot about breastfeeding...

Is My Child “Overprotected”?

Earlier this morning, my colleagues were having a conversation about an article that was posted on facebook the other day. It was about the culture and habits of...

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