A Healthy Future For Your Baby Begins In The Womb

A healthy future for your baby begins in the womb. Living and eating healthy for the future of your child. Your own body, shaped by nutrition and lifestyle, is important...

When a Woman is Pregnant, Everyone is Pregnant: Why You Should...

By Patricia Ocampo Few moms would disagree that no matter how tiring or uncomfortable pregnancy is, there is no denying how powerful the experience of carrying a life in...

Delivering via VBAC: What Moms should Know

CS na nga ba forever ang mga CS-moms? 🤰🏻


Did you know that studies have found that babies in the womb are able to experience all of its mother’s emotions? The connection between mother and child from...

What Parents Should Know about Home Birth

Will you consider giving birth at home, mamas? 🤰🏻

Hairy Talk: How can Parents Better Take Care of their Kids’...

How often do you shampoo your kids’ hair, mamas? Do you also use a conditioner? A skincare professional weighs in 🙂

Mythbusters Para kay Mommy at Baby

Sumunod ba kayo sa ilang pamahiing ito, mommies? 🤔

Andi Manzano-Reyes’ Celebrates Her Baby Shower at Fabella

After lighting up BGC for her grand gender reveal party, Andi Manzano-Reyes held a quite different baby shower. As we all know, a baby shower is done to...

Empowering Millions of Moms Enjoy their Pregnancy with Pregnancy +

Philips Avent, one of the world’s leading mother and childcare brand, is actively supporting parents through their journey with the launch of Pregnancy +, an application designed to...

The Dangers of Measles for Pregnant Moms

Take care, mamas ❤️

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