Traditional, Progressive, Montessori — Which is Best for Your Child?

As you choose a school for your kid, don’t forget to consider his or her strengths, interests and personality. Primary education is a crucial learning stage for your child, so you must only choose the best school that will maximize his or her potential.

Kidnapped — Basic Safety Guidelines Every Parent Should Know

These days when warnings of child kidnappers are so prevalent, what can we actually do to ensure that our kids are not the next victims?

5 Lessons From The EDSA Revolution We Need to Share with...

If we want our children to remember one of the most meaningful events in our country's history, the teaching needs to come from us -- their parents. We can start by telling our kids of the different lessons we can learn from the EDSA revolution.

Manners Matter: Tips for Raising a Well-Mannered Child

By: Nina Malanay Have you ever been in a sticky social situation with your child and just wanted to pretend your kid isn’t yours because of the faux pas...

Does Your Child Eat Enough Protein and Calcium in a Day

Do you ever wonder if your child is meeting his daily nutrition requirement with the amount of food he eats in a day? 🤔

What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Working From Home

Motherhood and work have always had a complicated relationship, causing an internal conflict for the mom who finds it difficult to choose between her career and being with...

Bettinna Carlos, Chesca Garcia-Kramer, and Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio — Homeschooling Moms

The three mothers have shared on their Instagram accounts their family's big decision to take the education of their children right into their own hands.

Am I Spoiling My Child? The 101 on Positive Discipline

By Nina Malanay Positive Discipline has become a buzzword among young parents. With most of us having been raised in strict, authoritarian homes, today’s generation of parents are moving away...

Moving Up and Letting Go — Things I Learned From My...

I can’t believe that 10 months have flown by so quickly and she has survived pre-K — well, we both did. And now that it’s about to come to an end, let me look back and recount my learnings — because I have a few too, from her very first year in school.

Give Your Kid’s Baon a Healthy Twist with these Sinabawang Ulam

Baon -- one word that can send a shiver down most school moms’ spines. Moms already spend a ton of effort, time, and preparation in coming up with...

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