It Takes a Village (of mothers) to Raise a Child

As detail-oriented creatures, most women are perfectionists and naturally very critical or ourselves and others. And when it comes to motherhood, it seems that our claws come out...

Adorable Furniture and Accessories for Kids

I went to Two Tots' store warming last week and had a nice time looking at all the great pieces there. All items are wonderfully and proudly Philippine-made!...

Para Lakasarap, Here’s a New Dance Challenge to Try

Want to know how to keep healthy kahit busy? I-try na ang new LAKASARAP Dance Challenge! 💃🏻

YouTube Learning: 7 Educational Channels for Your Kids

Mamas whose kids love YouTube, raise your 🙌🏻

Kati-Kati! 6 Home Remedies for Your Child’s Insect Bites

With limited patience, the kids will scratch the insect bite with so much effort and this at time results to removing the top surface of the skin causing the insect bite to worsen or result to a wound. With their delicate skin, it is important that the first line of treatment to be given is all natural.

Introducing Simbang Gabi or Midnight Mass to your preschool child

For any child in preschool, the onset of Christmas season is the most anticipated time of the year. Of course that goes for the rest of the country....

Trick or Treat: Halloween Costume Solutions for Busy Moms

As a little girl, halloween was definitely one of the highlights of my year and I remember losing sleep (and siesta) over being so excited to parade in...

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