Kids Health: Healthy Snack Ideas Your Kids Will Also Love

As a mother, I know that I must make sure that my child gets proper nutrition - what with the demands of school and my daughter being in...

Kati-Kati! 6 Home Remedies for Your Child’s Insect Bites

With limited patience, the kids will scratch the insect bite with so much effort and this at time results to removing the top surface of the skin causing the insect bite to worsen or result to a wound. With their delicate skin, it is important that the first line of treatment to be given is all natural.

Hello, Goodbye!

Using a play phone practice some basic etiquette skills for using a phone. Have a pretend doll or stuffed animal call your child and practice saying Hello, Goodbye,...


SHARE YOUR BABY’S WEIRDEST SLEEPING POSITION AND WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS TO THE MIND MUSEUM! Children are one of a kind, and they are amusing too, even when...

Parenting Mistakes That Can Make Your Child a Brat

I don't think any parent dreamed of raising a bad seed. That's why we Google all our parenting questions away, frantically in search of the "trade secrets" that will best teach us how to deal with the little ones. But quite frankly, we sometimes contribute to why they act the way they do and acknowledging four of these mistakes bring us a step closer to disciplining them.

5 Things to Remember When Your Toddler Says “No”

Understanding the Toddler’s Negativism Stage There are times she just likes to say “no” to anything and everything that you say. Despite a display of negativism showing at age...

Patty Laurel-Filart Shares How Traveling with Kids can be a Breeze

It’s summertime, dear mommies! After being in school for several months, it’s time for the little kiddos to relax and enjoy their summer vacation. Time to play around...

Encouraging play with new items

If you incorporate a new object or toy into your child's play space, use language to discuss how it is typically used. If she chooses to use...

Kidnapped — Basic Safety Guidelines Every Parent Should Know

These days when warnings of child kidnappers are so prevalent, what can we actually do to ensure that our kids are not the next victims?

When Is It Okay To Allow Your Kids On Gadgets?

By Celine Villadares The time spent by children on screen has been a growing concern for most parents, in addition to their access to almost limitless sites in the...

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