Caring for your Toddler: Mumps and its Cure

Mumps is just one of the several inevitable illnesses that your toddler can catch one way or another. So instead panicking, it is best to know more about...

Toddler Week 72

Long Journeys More EnjoyableWith a little preparation, lots of patience and a bit of planning long trips can be fun and hopefully stress-free.  If you are in the car...

Old T-shirt

Give your child an old undershirt to wear over clothes. It will not only protect what she is wearing, but teaches a great lesson of what we...

Amazing pastels

Chunky oil pastels are a wonderful way for toddlers to get used to different colors. Pastels create a vivid effect with little effort. Paint over pastel scribbles with...

Non-Toys Christmas Gift Suggestions for Your Kids

Complete na ba si bagets sa toys? Then maybe you can consider these other Christmas gift options 😉

6 Kid-Friendly Superfoods and How to Introduce them to Your Child

By: Trisha Bautista   We hear the word “superfood” being thrown around a lot, especially among this generation’s health-conscious consumers. Recognizing this demand, many products are sold on the pretext...

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