Diabetes in Kids – What Parents Should Know

At present, due to the changes in diet and technology, there is lack of good nutrition and physical activities, making children more prone to diabetes. Here’s what you need to know about diabetes in kids.

Mommy Diaries: Patawa Things Kids Say

These are definitely proof that kids say the darndest things. Click the link to read more funny convos 😂

How to Ensure That Your Condo is Safe for Your Kids

Have you heard the news regarding the 4-year old child who fell to his death from a 39th floor balcony? Here are a few safety precautions for parents living in condos with their kids.

The Best Way to Tell Your Kids the Truth About Santa

Totoo ba si Santa? Not sure how to answer? We found a great way to let your kid in on the Santa secret ;)

Raising a Confident Child – 6 Tips How to Do It

Self-confidence allows a person to move forward and achieve everything he/she wants in life - and of course, mamas want this for for our kids! Here are a few tips on how to cultivate confidence in your kid.

5 Parenting Tips for a Tantrum-Free Christmas

All I want for Christmas is a tantrum-free holiday - said all moms everywhere. Deal with your child's sumpong/topak/tantrum before they even happen ;)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Classmates

My daughter’s teacher recently sent something to our class group chat that made me worry a bit – she sent the class list because, as she said, some...

Baon Tips – 6 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat...

Moms of school-age kids know this by heart – one of mommyhood’s greatest challenges is how to pack and get your kids to eat their baon. Imagine going...

6 Ways to Protect Your Kid from the Dangers of YouTube

Time to own up mommas! Who here has at one point or another surrendered their smartphone or tablet to their kiddo to get a moment of peace and...

4 Ways to Teach Your Kids the Essence of Giving this...

Christmas trees and carols can be seen and heard everywhere, and in case you still missed it, yes, it’s Christmas season once again. Along with those sparkly decors...

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