Malakas at Malusog: Here are the Signs that Your Child is Healthy

Paano mo masasabi na malakas at malusog ang iyong anak? 🤔


It is quite normal for parents to worry if their kids are healthy and happy. Paranoia is our middle name, it seems. While we immediately know when our kids are unwell, that is, when they have a fever, coughs, allergic reactions, etc., are we also as well-informed as when they are generally healthy?

If you’re wondering if your kids are growing healthy and strong, then here are a few things that your child can and should be able to do if they are.


Your child is displaying physical growth.

Your child’s weight and height should be normal for his age, as this is one of the parameters that he is getting enough nutrients. This can be easy to spot in school-age kids — your child should be about the same size and height of his peers.



Your child is healthy enough for school.

That is, he shouldn’t be frequently taking sick days in a month. A good sign that your child is generally healthy and well is that he’s not prone to coughs and colds that can be common among school-aged kids. This means that he has a good immune system.



Your child is alert, lively, and active.

Lethargy, malamya, or lalambot-lambot in kids is not a good sign as it could mean that he’s not getting enough nutrients or energy to last the day. So if your child is makulit, playful, and happy for the most part of the day, then that’s good, mama, because it means he’s healthy and well.


Your child can keep up with his school work.

If your child is showing signs that he’s learning quickly and that his school lessons and work are not a problem for him, then he’s healthy and well. Being a secure learner means that your child is getting enough nutrition for his brain development.



Your child can eat healthy, balanced meals in a day.

Healthy kids should be willing to eat multiple food groups (go, grow, and glow) — which is more important than the amount of food they can eat in a day. Kids can be inconsistent about the amount of food they eat, but as long as your child is willing to eat different kinds of food, then chances are, he’s well and healthy.


Your child has strong, clean teeth.

Strong and clean pearly whites are an indication that your child is getting enough calcium in his diet and thus, is generally healthy. 




Your child has good posture, and robust muscles and bones.

An incorrect posture or regular injuries and bruises from tumbles and accidents (or dapa!) can be a sign that your child is unhealthy, as it could mean that your child’s bones and muscles are not getting the right nutrition for its strength and development. A healthy child should have a strong, upright posture, does not easily tumble or fall, and does not get injured or bruised easily if he does.


Your child has regular bowel movements.

Regular bowel movements can be a sign that your child is strong and healthy as it means he’s getting enough fiber and that he has a healthy immune system.





How do we ensure that our kids are growing healthy and strong?

One of the best ways to ensure that our kids are growing healthy is by providing them the right nutrition. Aside from carbohydrates and fats, kids need protein and calcium. Protein is responsible for the growth and maintenance of bones, muscles, organs, tendons, and skin, and repairs body tissues as well. It helps in maintaining our kids’ strong immunity and plays a vital role in wound healing and blood clotting as well. Calcium, on the other hand, ensures that our kids’ bones and bodies are strong and well to handle their day to day activities. It regulates muscle contraction, helps prevent fractures from easily happening, participates in blood clotting and nerve impulse transmission (nerve signals), and protects them from bone loss in the later years of their life.

Protein and calcium can be found in a number of food sources and the amount that your child needs will also depend on their age and gender. However, we can ensure that they do get it by offering a yummy, healthy, and #LAKASARAP drink — Prottie®.

Prottie® is a powdered soymilk drink mix that’s rich in protein and calcium. For every glass of Prottie®, your child can get 5 to 6 grams of protein and 308 to 333 mg of calcium. At the same time, Prottie® offers the added benefits of soy protein, which has all the essential amino acids necessary for human nutrition. Soy protein is also considered a high-quality protein and has a high protein digestibility compared to meats.

With a balanced diet and Prottie®, your kids can possibly meet their required protein and calcium requirements per day and therefore have malakas na katawan at matatag na buto.

Add a glass of Prottie® to your child’s mealtimes by purchasing via Lazada. Or visit their Facebook page to learn more.

*Published with Lakasarap Prottie®


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