Toddler Week 81


Potty Training

If diapers are dry for about 2-3 hours at a time, you can think about potty training!  Potty training is hard work and for some children it can be a long process. There are many different methods out there that work for many different children. You have just got to find the one that works for both of you. both. Patience, consistency, encouragement and constant PRAISES Being patient, consistent, encouraging and PRAISE, PRAISE, PRASIE when he does go potty, will be important in this process. You must remember that no matter what type of method you use, keep your cool if an accident does happen. Your toddler is learning and if you get upset about an accident, this can set him up to not want to try to go potty in the toilet. Hes wanting to please you and if you keep your cool and dont make a big deal about accidents then he will continue wanting to try to please you by trying to go potty in the toilet.

  • During regular times during the day, place your child on the potty and let him know that it is time to use the toilet (everyone has different terminology, so use what you are comfortable with!) You might want to use a toilet that the child can reach with his feet when he is sitting.  (A foot stool is a great idea for regular sized toilets). 
  • Praise him a lot  when he is successful and even if he just tries to go!
  • Look out for physical or verbal cues signaling that he has to use the potty and take him then.  Both boys and girls usually learn to use the potty first by sitting on it.    
  • Some parents try to spend a week at home with their child naked or with big kid underwear on. This method suggests taking your child to the bathroom on a regular basis, while offering drinks of water all week long.
  • Some children will be able to pee in toilet with no issues, but wont be able to  poop in the toilet.  If your child is regular with his bowels try to get him on the toilet before he poops in his diaper.

Eventually you may also find your child to be fully potty trained during the day but need a diaper or pull up during naps and bedtime.  This is very typical common and until he is able to wake himself while sleeping to go potty, or is able to hold it until he wakes up, you should ought to continue to offer this extra protection.  Once your toddler experiences at least a week of dry diapers after sleeping, you can start to try underwear at this time.  Be sure to have a mattress protector on the bed, though!  Accidents will still happen.

Each child is different, hence each potty training experience will be different. unique.  Dont give up or get frustrated, though as it is a developmental milestone that eventually will be a success!


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