Jollibee Mini Managers Camp


Dates: Apr 1 – May 31, 2017

Venue: Any Jollibee Store

Jollibee is once again holding a Mini Managers Camp for kids four to 12 years old, wherein participants will learn the meaning of hard work, leadership, and responsibility. Activities of the summer camp will include exposure to Jollibee values, store practices, storytelling, drawing, and arts and crafts.

The camp is open to any Jollibee Kids Club (JKC), who can sign up at any Jollibee branch for Php600. Parents of non-members of JKC must first purchase a JKC Happyplus Card at a JKC store and register their child for membership for Php100. They can then register for the Mini Managers Camp for Php600. The fee will include a uniform, camp kit, meals, activity materials, and a Jollibee Catcher for graduation. Camp schedules are April 3-8, 17-22, and 24-29; and May 1-6, 8-13, and 15-20. For more details, follow Jollibee on Facebook.



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