Basic Yaya Training – Newborn to Toddler Care


Date: March 17, 2018

Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Venue: Mothercare, B-1, Bonifacio High Street, 28th Street Corner 9th Avenue, Taguig, Metro Manila

Phone: (0928) 500 4552

Join us in this year’s Basic Yaya Training or House Helper Training on New Born, Infant and Toddler Care.


I. Personality Development

a. Self-worth and Loving your Job
– Hygiene
– Importance of having a job
– Understanding your job and the responsibilities it entails
b. Manners and Etiquette
– Qualities you need to have and develop
– How to carry oneself at work, with guests, restaurants, waiting for the child in school, and  other outings/events,
-Maintaining a positive employee/employer relationship
c. Safety
– Answering phone calls and house guests
– Avoiding scams, robbery, and house invasion
– Social Media Etiquette and Maintaining Privacy

II. Newborn Care
a. What To Expect
– Oral Stage
– Cord Care
– Diaper Changing
– What To Watch Out For
b. Bathing, Holding, Burping, and Swaddling
c. Feeding
– Helping The Mom when Breastfeeding
– Formula/Bottle Feeding
– Solid Food Feeding
d. Milestones and Activities to do with the Baby

III. Toddler Care
a. Understanding a Toddler
– What To Expect
– Milestones
b. Potty Training

c. Developing a Routine
d. Playing and making the most of your time with the child
e. Handling Behavior
– Saying No to Toddlers
– Conversing with the Child
– Rewards and Punishments

IV. Cleanliness
a. Keeping toys and other baby materials clean
b. Proper hand washing




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