Love Mom with Every Touch: Johnson’s Baby Celebrates Incredible Love Shared Between Mom and Baby

Johnson's Baby celebrates the special bond between mothers and their children through their #LoveMomWithEveryTouch campaign. This is a tribute to moms - especially to first time moms.


Moms play an incredible role in raising their children, showering them with unconditional love—a bond beautifully exemplified through the heartwarming connection experienced with every touch. From the gentle caress of a newborn’s soft skin to the comforting embrace of a mother’s arms, touch becomes a language of its own, conveying emotions and strengthening the bond between them.

This year, Johnson’s Baby celebrated the bond between moms and children through their #LoveMomWithEveryTouch Campaign–a special tribute dedicated to all moms, especially those embarking on the beautiful journey of motherhood for the first time. During this special event, Johnson’s Baby provided a wonderful opportunity for moms to connect with others who share similar experiences. It was a touching moment reminding moms of their incredible efforts and how their little ones, through the power of touch, convey their appreciation for everything they do.

“I can feel the love from my baby when he touches my face, grabs my hand, and all the times he reaches out for me. It’s as if he’s trying to say, “Mama, I love you!” or “Thank you, Mama!”, which really warms my heart,” Rita Daniela, Johnson’s Baby’s ambassador and first-time mom, emotionally shares.

Together with Watson’s, Johnson’s Baby unveiled a special initiative aimed at capturing the most intimate moments shared between mothers and their babies—Touch Portraits. Available in Watson’s Uptown Mall BGC from May 12-17, it serves as the brand’s heartfelt tribute and precious gift for moms. This initiative celebrates the unwavering dedication that moms have for their little ones, providing them with the chance to immortalize and capture the love between a mom and her baby as they have their intimate touch moments with Johnson’s Baby.

Throughout all weekends in May, moms can enjoy exclusive promotions and discounts on their beloved Johnson’s Baby products at Watson’s stores nationwide. Watson’s Cardholders will receive a special 25% discount, while non-cardholders can still avail themselves of a generous 20% discount on Johnson’s products.

“I now understand what other moms say about how time flies by so quickly. As they say, the days are long, but the years are fast. Sooner or later, my baby Uno will be experiencing his first-ever milestones which excites me so much! But it also means that I want to be able to cherish and preserve my clingy moments with Uno. Most especially that it’s my first Mother’s Day that’s why I really want to be able to document and treasure this special day. Good thing we already have technology that can help us with this. We already have smartphones that can readily take photos and videos of the moments so dear to us. That’s why I find Johnson’s Baby’s Touch Portraits to be such a thoughtful gift for moms, especially first-time moms like myself,” added Daniela.

Johnson’s Baby goes the extra mile in their support of mothers on their incredible journey of love and joy. In addition to hosting special events to honor moms, they have been there for them since day one. Johnson’s Baby partners with hospitals across the country, providing moms who have just given birth with newborn kits that contain Johnson’s Baby products perfect for newborn babies like Johnson’s Baby Milk+Rice and Cottontouch wash and lotion.

(L-R) Johnson’s Baby marketing manager Katrina Suarez, celebrity mombassador Rita Daniela, host Flo Torres-Hora

“We take great pride in being moms’ trusted partners from day one, providing them with products infused with purposeful ingredients that foster healthy skin and hair. Through this, we aim to empower moms to wholeheartedly embrace every precious moment of their unique motherhood journey, allowing them to treasure the bond they share with their children,” says Johnson’s Baby marketing manager, Katrina Suarez.

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