How do we help our children cope with bullying?

By Ma. Yvette Heart Calimlim In this generation, bullying is considered as one of the serious problem of every child. This is an undesirable, violent behavior among school aged that...

Keeping up with preschool childrens studies during Holidays

For your preschool kids, Christmas is not only a time for receiving presents and attending Christmas gatherings. For most other students, Christmas also means a long end-of-year vacation....

5 Simple Ways to Deal With Your Picky Eater Kid

While experts point to several factors that could contribute to turning a toddler or kid into a picky eater, here are some ways a parent can do to get his child to eat 🙂

The How-Tos of Opening Your Child’s First Savings Account

My mom worked for a bank for over twenty-six years so I basically grew up with frequent visits there. As a kid, money was of little interest to...

Common Mistakes Parents Commit when Choosing Preschool Childcare

Choosing the right day care for your preschool should be treated the same way you will choose a big school for him to study. It must be thought...

Lessons Go to Cable with DepEd TV

Here's something that might help your kids' distance learning, mamas 🙂

3 Things to Teach Our Sons This Women’s Month

This year we celebrate International Women’s month with the theme, “Balance for Better.” While the concept of gender-balance in different aspects of society and community may be too...

Cereal Mix and Match

  Get kitchen-crafty and let your kids enjoy a breakfast cereal buffet! Creating this new family tradition offers precious bonding time and teaches your tots about the importance of...

Playing Safe in Play Places: Health and Safety Tips for Parents

Posts from parents questioning the safety and cleanliness of indoor play places have recently made the rounds in social media. So do we just ban our kids from it altogether? Definitely not, but here are a few tips that might ensure that our kids play safe 😉

Anger Management for Kids

Kids are normally forthcoming with regards to sharing feelings and emotions. A kid may be burdened with feelings of pain and guilt but you would never learn it...

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