My Child was Bullied in School — Some Signs that You...

Some days are really hard when he gets really moody and it pains me when he feels like he can't talk to me. But I know that the day will come when he will be okay again.

Protecting Our Kids — One Mom’s View on the School Shootings...

It is very unsettling for a parent to know that the only protection your child has is a piece of furniture and their ability to be inconspicuous. Surely there must be something more to ensure their protection right?

My Child is Pilyo – or is it ADHD?

If we feel that the kid is being too much - too attention-seeking, too hyperactive, too disobedient, too unmanageable - at the back of our confused heads we can't help but wonder, is it because he/she has ADHD or just pilyo?

Is the KonMari Method the Answer to Your Family’s Kalat?

If #momlife is synonymous to #momligpitkalat for you and it’s beginning to get on your nerves, then read on about the organizing method/book that’s making waves on Instagram and a number of #momlife /lives out there – the KonMari Method.

My Child is a Thumb Sucker – Is There Anything I...

My daughter was a thumb sucker ever since she was a few weeks old – from the moment she discovered her fingers when I took off her mittens, her thumb, or basically any of her fingers (or even her whole fist!) became her next favorite aside from the breast.

5 Lessons From The EDSA Revolution We Need to Share with...

If we want our children to remember one of the most meaningful events in our country's history, the teaching needs to come from us -- their parents. We can start by telling our kids of the different lessons we can learn from the EDSA revolution.

For Better or Worse – What to Do When Your Child...

Enjoy a stress-free flower girl or bearer stint with your child with these tips 😉

When Should My Child Start School

Are you a parent of a 3 or a 4-year old? Here are a few things you need to know about Preschool and Kinder 😉

Checklist in Finding the Right School for You and Your Child

For those parents who are still in the process of selecting a school to enroll your child in, I would like to share some of the considerations we had back when we were searching for the right school for my child.

Do You Think Your Kid’s “Delayed”? Here’s What You Need to...

Each child has a different pace of growth and development. Some are faster to develop, but some may be a little late. However, it is important to detect if your child really has a developmental delay early on and intervene. What follows are important facts about Global Developmental Delay (GDD) and red flags that parents should be aware of.

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