Top Three Pregnancy Signs

Top Three Pregnancy Signs

You may be one of the thousands of women all over the country who are trying to conceive a child and may be anxious in determining whether they’re already carrying an offspring or just another false alarm. Going through the process of pregnancy gives you physical, mental, and emotional preparation for motherhood. But of course, it’s not always a smooth sail, especially during the first trimester.

Each pregnancy is unique from the other, but the symptoms shared by other women can be the same. Take a look at the following signs so you will be guided as you take the walk to motherhood.

1. Food Cravings and Sensitivity to Smell

Due to hormonal changes resulting to mood swings, you may experience unusual food cravings and meal combinations. During pregnancy, especially on the first trimester, having a bigger and unusual appetite is just normal. However, you have to be extra cautious on food intake during your pregnancy.

A lot of women wince upon smelling greasy or overpowering scent of food causing them to gag. That’s why during the first trimester, it’s difficult for some women to eat because even the sight of food makes them sick. However, you should still try to consume proper meals with servings in moderate amounts. During pregnancy, your body needs to have enough strength and this comes only from the food you ingest.

2. Implantation Bleeding

Implantation bleeding, spotting, or vaginal bleeding happens when the fertilized egg digs into the lining of the uterus. The result of this is the light pinkish or brownish blood which is different from your menstrual period. Signs of pregnancy such as implantation bleeding may last for a day or two, but it appears at least 6 days after conception. For some women, such situation occurs a week before the usual schedule of their monthly cycle.

Aside from the color, implantation bleeding differs from the menstrual period’s blood discharge. The blood’s consistency differs as well – much thinner and in fewer amounts.

3. Missed Menstrual Period and Positive Pregnancy Test Result

Finally, a missed menstrual period becomes the most common indicator of pregnancy. Especially for those women who record their cycle, they can easily determine if they’re already expecting. Some might get really excited by having pregnancy tests done at home, but it’s better to wait 2 weeks after the expected date of menstruation to get more accurate results.

Now what maybe the reasons for having negative results from your pregnancy test? First, you may have taken the tests at an earlier date, thus you will be getting negative results. Second, you might have used an expired kit, especially when this has been in the drugstore for quite some time. Finally, having blood in your urine will also get negative pregnancy results.

Upon getting a positive result from your test, immediately schedule a meeting with your doctor so you can be guided about your pregnancy, especially on immediate precautionary measures during the first trimester.

Congratulations! You’re on your way to motherhood.


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