Every Child is Different: Understanding Your Toddler and His Temperament


Children often experience mini-meltdowns that can drive any nuts. They scream, kick, bite, and do crazy things that can really stress anyone out. Toddler tantrums are normal and they are a big part of the development of toddlers. It is then very important for parents to understand tantrums and what toddler activities trigger these so that they will be able to deal with them and manage them properly.

Usually, tantrums occur as children approach their first birthday and can carry on up to two years of age. Most of the time, they will be able to outgrow tantrums by the time they reach three or four years of age. As a parent, you should not worry much about your toddlers having tantrums but you should be wary about them and should act on them immediately.

Most of the time, kids will have a very bad temper when they experience physical discomfort such as hunger, pain, or exhaustion. Just like adults, children will have a hard time dealing with these discomforts so they are to be attended to as soon as possible. These triggers are very easy to identify so it is easy to solve them.

However, there are also some other triggers to toddlers’ temperaments such as emotion overload, fear, excitement, boredom and stress that can be quite hard to identify. Strong emotions are usually the biggest trigger of any toddler tantrums. Usually, kids do not know how they can communicate these strong feelings to other people and they do not know how to deal with them either. The best way to deal with this is to identify the main source of the tantrum. It can be anxiety over a doctor’s visit, a long and tiring day at school, or lack of attention from adults. Sit down with your child and ask them what happened. Let them tell you about the situation and give them the right support that they need.

One way to avoid tantrums is to feed the meter. Pay attention to your child every hour or so, give them their much needed play time, talk to them about their day at every chance that you got. It is very important that you show them that they are important to you. This is also a good way for you to establish a growing relationship with your child. They will also realize that you should be their first point person when it comes to things that are happening in their life because you can provide them the support that they need.

Always remember to treat your child with respect. Once they see that you treat them fairly and with much importance, they will be able understand your message when you speak with them about their tantrums. They will more likely listen and obey your words. Their tantrums are just a phase so just be patient in dealing with them.


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