Bringing Your Baby Into the World: The 101 on Common Types of Delivery During Pregnancy


Most of the time a delivery does not require medical intervention but specialists are still needed during child birth. Sometimes complications develop along the way and mothers have to consider other methods of delivery.  Pregnancy places both mother and baby at risk even in natural birth.

Natural birth

Although medicine has enabled women to have a pain free child birth, some prefer to give birth naturally. The mother will give birth without medical intervention. Different types of natural pain management will be used to help the mother during labor and delivery. This includes water birth which is now being practiced by many women. This method is only applicable to a healthy pregnancy without any complications.


Delivery It is the most common method used in a pregnancy with complications. To ensure a safe child birth that will put the mother and baby out of harm’s way, a caesarian delivery is done.  Horizontal incisions are done in the lower segment of the mother’s abdomen and on the uterus. The operation takes about 45-60 minutes but the baby is delivered in 5-10 minutes.  It is done if the baby or the mother is experiencing a medical condition that will put them both at risk. It is done if baby’s heart is too slow or labor is too long. In other instances, a woman plans a caesarean delivery. Although this method ensures a fast and pain free child birth, recovery takes much longer compared to natural birth.


Pregnancy usually takes 40 weeks. If labor does not occur after 42 weeks the pregnancy is considered post dated. Basically, it means the baby is one or two weeks overdue. Labor has to be induced because the placenta becomes less efficient as the pregnancy goes on. The baby receives less oxygen and nourishment which can be fatal. This is also done due to diabetes (the baby is growing too large) and pregnancy induced hypertension. In most cases oxytocin is injected to the mother to induce labor to deliver the baby.

These are just some of the most common types of delivery during child birth. Although modern medicine has helped women all over the world have a healthy pregnancy, complications may occur now and then. But we should always remember that prevention is always better, and nowadays cheaper, than the cure. So a healthy body will in the end, ensure a safe child birth.


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