Discover the Benefits of Prenatal Massage and Touch Therapy


Pregnancy is usually associated with an increased level of discomfort for the pregnant mom. This often calls for regular soothing massages to relieve the body of the stress and strain it goes through as the child continues to develop.

However, pregnancy does not call for any other kind of massage, nor any other massage therapist. Likewise, a pregnant mom cannot just decide to get a prenatal massage at a moment’s whim. The following are useful information about prenatal massage and how best to have it:

Dos and Don’ts of Prenatal Massage and Touch Therapy

Inform your doctor about your planned prenatal massage before anything else. Never contract the services of a therapist without securing the approval of your doctor first. Depending on the level of pregnancy you’re currently in, a number of massages (and body positions during the massage) are prohibited.

Have your husband accompany you in your sessions. Mom and dad going to the massage therapist is the best way to go about it. This way, dads get to pick up some useful techniques and tips on applying instant relief to cramps and other body pain should they occur. Make sure to ask for tips on how to do your own simple massages at home, and don’t forget to ask the prohibited practices as well.

Undergo prenatal massage and therapy only from a trained professional therapist. Not all therapists are qualified to give prenatal massage. After all, it is a special-need massage that considers the pregnant mom’s condition first and foremost. For instance, you cannot have a regular back massage lying on your stomach. Make sure that your therapist is a trained one. To make sure of this, go for highly recommended therapist centers or ask for doctor-recommended therapists.

The Benefits of Prenatal Massage and Touch Therapy

It is psychologically relieving. Just like any other massage, prenatal massages bring moms to a serene environment where they can forget about their worries and bask in the relaxing ambiance. The mind responds favorably to physical touch, the strokes leading the brain to slow down and take in the rhythm, resulting in a soothing experience.

It relieves pregnancy stress points. Prenatal massage focuses on bringing relief to the lower back, the neck, the feet, the hips, and other body parts that bear the brunt of the mom’s expanding belly and all other pregnancy-related physical changes. Pregnant moms usually suffer from muscular cramps too, but with the right massage strokes, these strained parts will have renewed vigor.

It conditions the muscles for labor. Massage improves blood circulation and conditions the muscles so they become more flexible during labor. Pregnant moms who regularly suffer from cramps, sore muscles, and stress will likely find labor many times more difficult than those who undergo therapy regularly.


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