Thinking of Having a Baby? Here are 4 Things You Need to Discuss Before Pregnancy


Having a child through pregnancy can strengthen the bond that ties a couple together. Unfortunately, there are instances when pregnancy does otherwise. Unsettled issues and unexpected problems arise during pregnancy simply because the couple has not prepared for it. Thus, a couple should discuss these four major issues prior to pregnancy.

Financial capability

Is your current earning enough to provide to and sustain the needs of the baby during and after pregnancy? While still inside the womb, the baby already needs proper care like routine check up to make sure the baby is healthy. The mom also needs to be monitored for any sign of pregnancy complications. After pregnancy, the major things to ready are payments for hospital bill following childbirth, baby’s primary needs such as formula milk, diapers, consecutive check-up, supplements, and baby’s clothes.

To have an idea if you can support the needs of your expanding family, why not talk to mothers you know or have a stroll in baby stores. Once you get the picture, talk it out with your spouse and see if your budget can allot for the child’s primary needs.

Emotional stability

Are you ready to care for the baby with absolute patience and love? Having a child could mean having to give sufficient time to be together, sleepless nights, a likely fussy baby, or at worst, a sickly child. How would you deal with fear, qualms, impatience, or depression common during pregnancy and child care? The best remedy to harbor ire feelings is to join pregnancy classes together with your spouse. Discuss with your partner if you can go together to learn the basics of baby care and the different methods of child birth so that both of you would know what to do and what to expect.

Settle your conflicts

Is your spouse aware of traditional beliefs on pregnancy that you follow? How about your partner’s own beliefs? If you and your spouse have differing views and traditions on pregnancy and child rearing, you should settle your differences before pregnancy.

Caring for the baby

Who will care for the baby after birth? Would it be you, your spouse, or a nanny? Discuss about the tasks that Dad and Mom should do. If you’re thinking of getting an outside help, talk about the possibility of getting a nanny to care for the baby at times when both of you are outside to work.

Planning a pregnancy is the first thing to do before having one. Of course, there would be problems along the way but being prepared and having discussed things over can make you and your spouse brave the challenges of parenthood.


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