Fun and Easy Arts and Crafts for Preschoolers


Preschoolers love having fun while discovering new things around them. When it’s time for them to actually sit down on their desks, make the experience as enjoyable as frolicking outdoors with these easy-to-do arts and crafts. Arts and crafts are not only fun; they are a good way to keep those creative juices flowing as well! If you use recycled materials for art projects, you also get to teach kids some environment-friendly techniques they can continue to adopt as they grow older.

Easy arts and crafts ideas for preschoolers

Masks. Charge it to kids’ natural love for role playing, but the idea of creating a face from scratch will delight them to no end. It’s a great idea for parties, weekend activities with classmates or playmates, or even with the family. Adopting themes for everyone like superheroes, cartoons or animals is also a great idea to encourage interaction among other kids. Click here for a step-by-step but fun way to mask making for kids.

Paper plate puppets. Puppetry encourages storytelling. Make it a delightful sidelight to a group storytelling activity where kids can create the puppet they’re going to voice in the story. An even more spontaneous way to do it is to let kids create their own puppet, gather the group together, and create an impromptu storytelling session right then and there! Check here for a step-by-step guide to making paper plate puppets.

Safety tips for arts and crafts

While arts and crafts are fun, they require the use of accessories that can harm preschoolers if used without adult supervision—scissors, staplers, cutters, etc. Here are some safety tips to ensure your kids have fun without hitch:

Do not let children use scissors and other sharp objects by themselves. If you have to use scissors or any other cutting material, demonstrate its use first before the whole group then allow the kids to use the scissors one by one, with you closely guarding and guiding them through the process. It is not advisable for adults to let preschoolers use scissors simultaneously as monitoring will be difficult and can lead to serious cuts and injuries.

Keep toxic materials out of their reach. Glue, paste, chalk, glitters, small beads and other tiny trinkets must be put in separate containers and labelled properly. They have to be used under close supervision to prevent kids from touching, inhaling, or eating these materials.

Use water-based (and lead-free) paint and markers, and washable ones if possible. Preschoolers have yet to be trained to draw on paper only, so expect marks all over the tables and even on their skin and clothes. Make them use aprons (or old clothes) while painting to avoid soiling their clothing and use washable markers as much as possible for easier cleaning.


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