How to Control Your Toddler`s Potty Mouth


Language is one thing that a lot of parents may have a hard time regulating in their children especially if they start developing an interesting set of vocabulary that may not be so pleasing to the ears. Here are some points to consider in order for parents to control their toddler’s undesirable choice of words:

Be an Example to Them

Kids learn values and habits by mirroring the people around them. This means that whatever they hear, see or feel around them will be absorbed in their system easily. Most children can pick up language easily during their 12th month under normal conditions. However, toddler development experts say that they may pick it up easily but they would need several repetitions of a word before they can actually become familiar with it and trigger them to try including it in their vocabulary. Parents should always be wary about their language when the kids are around. This means that they should be a very good example on how they want their kids to speak – politely, respectfully and no cussing.

List the Rules Down

Children may not hear parents and siblings say bad words or speak disrespectfully but they will surely hear their peers do so or hear other adults on the streets or on television. With this, parents must be able to set boundaries in terms of the language of their children such as no bad words anywhere at any point in time. If it is really unavoidable to have a word that will help them express strong emotions, let them choose an alternative such as darn or fudge, instead. It is also important to explain to the kids why this is offensive. Let them understand that the words also entails attitude and values that people put more attention on.

Provide Consequences

Once you have set the boundaries when it comes to offensive language and child behavior, you should also be able to let your kids know that when they break the rules, they will suffer consequences for it. This will teach them to be mindful of their language and their actions that come with the foul words. It will also help them form a habit of being aware of their words and how it really affects other people and how people perceive them and their values.


Parents must always consider that children may not only have a problem with their choice of words if they have a potty mouth. There may be instances wherein the problem is actually deeply rooted that it really is. Talk to your toddler and get to the root of the problematic behavior. It may be a build up of emotions or a problem that they do not know how to handle. Communicate with your child often, promote positive parenting and establish a good relationship early on to be able to target the bigger problem that they may have.


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