How to Introduce ‘Eidul-Fitar’ to Filipino Preschool Kids


How to Introduce 'Eidul-Fitar' to Filipino Preschool Kids

A young preschool child may not fully grasp the significance of Eidul-Fitar. Apparently, it is one of the most important events celebrated in the Philippines. Preschool children should know its meaning so that they can greet Muslim friends suitably on their most special day. Do you know how would you introduce Eidul-Fitar to preschool children? The easy and effective way to do it is through preschool activities that feature Eidul-Fitar led by a preschool teacher.

Preschool activity 1: Making Eid cards

Making Eid cards is a way for preschool children to learn proper greetings. For this activity, the preschool teacher should prepare all necessary materials, such as art papers, beads, stickers, crayons, and pencils for children to use when making the card. Ask them to draw and write an Eid greeting like “Selamat Hari Raya”, “Happy Eid”, or “Eid Mubarak” and then adorn the card with beads and stickers.  Finally, tell them to give the Eid card to a Muslim friend.

Preschool activity 2: Eidul-Fitar pictures

One way to make preschool children get acquainted with Eidul-Fitar is to bring pictures depicting the event. In this activity, the preschool teacher can bring different coloring pictures aboust Eidul-Fitar celebrations and then ask the children to color them. Find pictures of Muslim communities opening up their houses for everyone to come and join them in celebrating Eidul-Fitar. Show them that our fellow Muslims commemorate their departed loved ones during this event followed by paying a visit to families and relatives.

Preschool activity 3: Visit a Muslim home

Home visits to the house of a Muslim family are perhaps the best way to make preschool kids gain better understanding of Ramadan.  If the preschool is non-sectarian, it is likely that the class has a Muslim preschooler. If so, now is the best time to do a home visit to their house.

Preschool activity 4: Eid costume party

The preschool teacher can ask the children to dress up for the occasion and hold a mini program about Eidul-Fitar. For preschool boys, they can wear dishadsha or embroidered three piece salwar kameez and vest. For preschool girls, they can put on Abaya, long tunic shirt, embroidered salwar kameez, and floral satin thobe, with veils. For the program, the preschool teacher can host games or Ramadan songs and poems. As for foods, the kids can delight on a range of sweet delicacies and pastries; best if dates are available.

Eidal-Fitar is a moment truly worthy to celebrate. Infuse the meaning of this special occasion to the young mind and hearts of preschool kids for this day is all about love, good deeds, harmony, and camaraderie.


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