Levy as a teacher?

Levy as a teacher

Seven years ago I received my College Diploma from the first school exclusive for women here in the Philippines. Although I am a degree holder I ended up being a plain housewife but I don’t regret being one. I am just thinking now, if only I chosen education as my course, then maybe I can have my own preschool or play school while I stay at home.

I know how expensive preschools are right now since my son is already at this stage, that is why this idea caught my mind. I wanted to study again and be a licensed teacher, and if I have enough capital I will build my own preschool . I already looked for vocational courses at Tesda but I couldn’t find one. Besides, I think if ever I will get a slot to any school I will not have the time to go on and forth since I am the one who will fetch and accompany my son to school everyday.

But, I remembered that one of our local celebrities here, Ms. Sharon Cuneta continued schooling through online degree programs from University of the Philippines. It was opened by UP to provide a chance of getting education to individuals that aspire for higher education and improve their qualifications but who are unable to take advantage of traditional modes of education.

I have checked the courses available, but there is no online degree program for education but I found one course that interest me so I think I will enroll myself here on the coming months. I just need to come up with P5,500 that includes the following: PhP100 – Application/ Registration Fee, PhP5,000 – Course Fee and PhP400 – miscellaneous fee.

I don’t know if UP is the only university that offers online courses. If you want to know more, you can navigate here to find colleges that offers online courses: http://studentaid2.ed.gov/gotocollege/collegefinder/advanced_find.asp

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