Pehpot: Advantage of having older siblings

Pehpot Advantage of having older siblings

I have my older sister but since she is just 1 year and some months older to me, it feels like we’re off the same age. Another factor is she was spoiled during our younger years since she was the first grand daughter so she does not act like an older sister most of the time. I never felt how it was to have an older sibling, someone that I can look up to and someone who would take care of me.

When I had my kids, I promised to myself that it will not happen to them. I have to give all my best so that my first born would role to understand his siblings and irresponsibility to them. And I am really happy that he is caring for his younger siblings just like what a brother would. I remember once when i was out and his younger brother fell asleep on the floor, he carefully lifted his brother’s head and placed a pillow on it (as told to me by my sisters), is not that super sweet!

They have their tantrums and petty quarrels too, they would argue who will be the one to play first or what channel they would watch on TV. Good thing we still  hadn’t bought Samsung 3D TVs or else, their dad will argue with them too.

The good thing and advantage of having older siblings aside from having someone to take care of you is they go to learn earlier than their age. And they learn to share. All my boys did not give me a hard time in potty training, since their Kuya they have to look up to, they learned it all by themselves, specially my third boy. And as early as now, he is 3 months old, he wants to try to wash his bottom. As for my youngest child, since she have older brothers, she is very talkative and communicates well and also understands things earlier than her age.

But of course, all things will not happen if I was not very keen on preparing them on the arrival of a younger siblings .. check out my articles on how to prevent jealousy specially When a younger siblings is about to Arrive.



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