Toddler’s “Daycare Goodbye” Blues


Your baby is no longer a baby now but a toddler. Most working moms actually send their toddlers to daycare centers. “Daycare goodbyes” have been the problem for most moms. Leaving them in the center is like a puzzle you have to solve everyday of your life. You will have to deal with a lot of screaming and crying blues. There are times that these unwanted behaviors piss you off and even leave you stressed out and guilty because you yelled at them at the end of the day. And the only thing that you can do is pull out your hair and roll your eyes.

There are effective guides that will help you manage toddler behavior problems and tantrums without physical torture involved especially on sending him to a daycare:

Put yourself in his shoes. Thinking back the days when you were still a toddler will help you manage his unpredictable behaviors. It also helps your toddler’s transition much easier.

Make him feel safe and secure. If he has a toy he is fond of, allow him to bring it wherever he goes. Another good idea is to drive or walk him to the daycare center every day for a week. It makes him familiar with the place and at ease with his surroundings.

Be cheerful.  Show him sweet gestures such as hugging or kissing him when the day arrives. Don’t get upset in front of him and never embarrass him for he will think that something is wrong and that will make him cry.

Be a concerned mom. If you send him to daycare, always ask the caregiver how he comes along. Advise the caregiver if there are problems or issues about your toddler. After all, you’re the mum and only want to ensure his safety.

Be a keen observer. Be on time when picking up your toddler. Take notice of your toddler’s behavior at the end of the day. Identify his mood and how he feels for the day.

Change is hard for the most toddlers. So as a mom, you are the sole person that will make it easier for him to cope with his new environment. Make him think that you are not leaving him because you don’t love him but you actually do. Explain to him that he is a grown baby now, that he should go along and make friends with other toddlers in the center. Enrich him with your loving upbringing so he will be a well-developed kid.


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