Who hates Mondays?

Who hates Mondays

I don’t go to the office anymore and that everyday is always the same for me, so either it’s Mondays or Fridays it’s all the same. But I know for some, going to work means going to hell and that they say that the workplace is among the top sources of stress. Do you agree?

Well, since tomorrow is Monday and that means it’s the start of a long working week again here are some useful tips you may want to consider to lessen your office stress.

  • Consume your break time by having a little nap, or listen to soft music to relax you. You may also go outside the office and have some walk.
  • Be friendly and talk to your office mates.  I do this every day when I was still working and I tell you, this is very effective.  It’s like having a confession at the church when your really down.
  • If you are forgetful just like me and you think this is one of the things that stresses you then make sure to write important messages in a small notebook and look at them after wards.
  • I know we love multi tasking, but sometimes this can cause trouble especially when you can’t finish any task.  That is why it’s advisable to take one task at a time.
  • On the other hand, if you are stuck on a boring, repetitive or meaningless task, why don’t you ask for a new one.  Maybe the boss is just waiting for you to come to him and that it may be the tool for your salary increase.
  • Be grateful! Not everyone has a job so be thankful that you at least have one to be able to support yourself or your family.
  • Be optimistic.  If you are given a lot of jobs think of it as a challenge and an additional experience that can be written in your resume to make you ready for a bigger responsibility and to apply for a higher position in the future.

Don’t worry, days are coming by so fast and that you will not notice it will be Friday again.  BE HAPPY everyone!

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