Why Didn’t I Found Out about Teething Biscuits Sooner?

Why Didn't I Found Out about Teething Biscuits Sooner

My 3 year old son has a full set of teeth already, as far as I know. But lately, I noticed that he always bite his favorite pillow and some toys. Which is why hubby and I concluded that maybe his gums are itchy or maybe a new teeth is coming out (a molar maybe). His teeth are too small so I really can’t see if there is a new teeth. When I went to the mall last time, I visit the Healthy Options store. I don’t usually visit this store since what I heard is that the prices of their items are quite expensive.

While looking around their stuff, I found this Maple biscuits made specially for teethers. I purchased one box to give to Ren. Once I arrived at home, I gave it to Ren at once and he really likes it. Now, he doesn’t bite his pillow anymore, I don’t know if the biscuits was the reason he stopped, but I know somehow it helped him suit the discomfort he may be experiencing.

Why Didn't I Found Out about Teething Biscuits Sooner 2
I forgot the exact price, but as what I remember a box is around P200+

I just wish I found out about this teething biscuits 3 years ago when my son is still starting teething.

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