Bonding Time: Ideas for What To Do During A Hotel Staycation


It’s the season for travel and vacation. For a lot of families, however, the idea of going on a hotel staycation, which is basically staying in a hotel within your city, is becoming more and more appealing.

Hotel staycations can give a break to everyone in the family without the cost of air travel. Besides, kids are thrilled with the idea of staying in the comforts of a hotel. But what do you do during a hotel staycation? Here are some ideas.

1. Explore the area

Familiarity breeds contempt, as the saying goes, and this applies to people’s tendency to take local sights for granted.

In going on a staycation, take the opportunity to explore the area. Bring the kids to the ice skating rink you have so long ignored, sign up for local tours, or just bring the kids to the nice park in the other side of town. The rule is to do something you haven’t done before or go somewhere you haven’t been before.

2. Enjoy the amenities

Choosing a 5-star hotel will give you access to amazing amenities. Mums, take advantage of that sauna; dads, hit the gym even for just a day!

Kids will love the heated pool and beautiful playgrounds as well as the various activities for kids. Hotels usually have parties and activities for little ones during vacation season, so take advantage of it.

And who can complain about whole day air-conditioning? Revel in the comforts that the hotel offers, including breakfast buffets, and of course, room service.

3. Put the world on hold

Even a hotel staycation warrants unplugging from the devices that so consume us these days. Go offline for your entire day (resist posting photos of your staycation on Instagram!) and focus on each other.

Treat your hotel staycation as a real vacation and shut off everyone else. When you file a leave of absence from your office, specify that you will not appreciate being disturbed. A staycation is still a well-deserved vacation.

4. Eat fancy

“Designer restaurants” can have really long lines. If your hotel happens to be near such a restaurant, take the opportunity to line up early since you’re just a few steps away. Or better yet, your hotel might have a popular fancy restaurant that is worth visiting. So, dress up and enjoy a fancy family meal together.

5. Order room service

If eating in bed is a big no-no in your home, this is your opportunity to try having breakfast in bed. Enjoy the perk of having someone else clean the room and magically take away the dishes.

Kids will enjoy having an indoor picnic too, with whatever view the hotel offers.

6. Sleep in

Staying in a hotel means you don’t need to get up early to prepare breakfast for the family. You also don’t need to rush out to the sights since you can always come back at another time. So, make sure to shut the curtains and sleep in and enjoy the luxurious comforts of your hotel bed.

Going on hotel staycations is the newest way to maximize one’s vacation time and money. Find a fancy hotel and enjoy being a guest for several nights. Going without travel stress will do wonders for you and your family, and it may just be your best vacation yet.


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