The Thing No One Talks About – Hemorrhoids


Most women do not want to talk about hemorrhoids because, well, let’s admit, it can gross you out. But reality check, it is a fact that can happen to any pregnant women. So, let’s grow up, talk about it and get help!

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins located around the anus or in the lower rectum. Extreme pressure causes these veins to become enlarged and their walls to become stretched, thin, and irritated. The major causes of this pressure are obesity, straining on toilet due to constipation, pregnancy, and consistent friction which causes wounds in the area such as wiping hard with toilet paper. The most common symptom is painless bleeding. It is not normal to have blood in your stool. When you see blood, it’s time to visit the doctor. According to Ob-gyn Michele M. Hakakha, MD “Hemorrhoids are a sure bet when a woman becomes pregnant. They often occur with constipation and the straining that ensues in an attempt to have a bowel movement. And we all know that constipation is one of the most common complaints in pregnancy.”

Now, how do we prevent these swollen veins?

First is to adjust your diet. You need to shift your food from mostly meat to high fiber. Eat more vegetables and fruits to help facilitate your bowel. Avoid eating junk foods, fast food, and spicy dishes which aggravates the condition.

Next, stop wiping with toilet paper and start using water instead. Toilet paper worsens hemorrhoids because of the friction resulting in the wiping action. The anal area is very delicate and can be scratched and wounded. Recent innovations in bathroom tech makes cleaning your area with water hands free. Just click and get cleaned.

And lastly, get checked out! There’s no need to be embarrassed. You are a human being and hemorrhoids is a common problem. Make sure to consult your physician on what over the counter medicines you need to alleviate your condition.

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