Actress and singer Geneva Cruz shares her motherhood journey with MomCenter's Usapang Nanay. 🌸


In the second episode of Usapang Nanay, singer and actress Geneva Cruz shared with us how she became more of a mom to her two kids, Heaven and London, during her six-year stay in the US.

Geneva Cruz started her career as part of the iconic group, “Smokey Mountain”. She was discovered by Maestro Ryan Cayabyab. One of her memorable moments as part of the Smokey Mountain was when they performed at the World Summit for Children for UNICEF in New York. 

On Becoming a Single Mom

It was during her solo career that she met Paco, her then husband and father of her son Heaven. She admits that during the 90’s, getting pregnant at such an early age, not to mention, out of wedlock was a big deal especially for the older generation. This led to Geneva and Paco getting married. Oftentimes, being pregnant at an early age was seen to be a mistake, but not for Geneva. For her, getting pregnant at an early age with her son Heaven is a blessing rather than as a mistake. Eight years after Heaven was born, Geneva was blessed with her second child, London. 

Life in the US

It was when her second child was born when she became a mother to both Heaven and London. Geneva’s plan was to only stay in the US for a year; she had only planned to give birth to London and go home. But she realized that this would be the perfect time for her to be present for her son, Heaven. Geneva ended up staying in the US for 6 years as Heaven asked her to. 

While in the US, Geneva, despite not having a 9-5 job experience, decided to get a job to support her family. She worked in the sales and marketing of the medical spa she was endorsing. While she was in the US, she learned how to follow a daily routine that she was not really used to doing here in the Philippines. She narrated how she would wake up at 5 everyday, from Monday to Saturday, to prepare her kids and herself for work, and to be at work right before 9 am. Once her shift ends at 5, she would come straight home to make dinner and be with her kids again. This was her life in the US for 3 and a half years; she did this while still being on top of her career as a singer. Although it was hard, she found it very fulfilling and rewarding that she was able to be a mom to both her kids. 

MomTries with Geneva and Mommy Julie

For the MomTries segment, Mommy Julie and Geneva tried the popular “Put Your Finger Down” challenge on TikTok highlighting how they are as a parent to their little ones. It was a fun way to show that moms, may they be different, they can be the same when it comes to how they raise their children. 

Geneva answers questions and shares tips with her fellow single moms

Sometimes, one can only understand a certain situation when he or she has already experienced it or is currently experiencing it. In the segments Mom Answers and Mom to Mom,  Geneva was able to answer questions from fellow moms and give tips to those who are still navigating through this journey as a single mom. 


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