10 Signs Your Preschooler is Gifted and What You Can Do to Help a Gifted Child


By Mylene Enrile

Do you want to know if your child is gifted? There are early signs but sometimes we can’t be too sure, as some developmental milestone happens within a certain timeline for most kids. What you will consider “advanced” may be a sign of above-average intelligence but not necessarily “gifted”.  Some may reach a developmental milestone earlier than other kids, while others may reach it later than most.

What is giftedness?

Different schools and institutions may have different standards of measuring intelligence.  According to the National Association for Gifted Children, highly intelligent children have an exceptional learning and reasoning ability. Here are some of the tell-tale signs:

 1. She learned to talk earlier than most kids her age.

There are highly intelligent babies who would look at you and mimic your lips as they try to form sounds like you do. Next thing you know she’ll be talking before she turns a year old.

 2. She learned to walk early.

Her motor skills are advanced. She learned to master her movements faster than other babies.

 3. She learned to write early.  

 She learned to associate meaning to letters that form words, and associate writing with expressing meaning.

 4. She showed signs of creativity at an early age – musical keenness, or the ability to draw or paint complex pictures, or crafting complex sculptures with clay.

Gifted children score in the top ten percent or higher in at least one area – such as language, math, art, dance or sports.

 5. She looks for more challenging activities after finishing a task at school.

Gifted children love challenges.

 6. She has a vivid imagination.

You may find yourself listening to a 3-year-old talking about the world and personalities of several imaginary friends.

 7. She gets bored and easily frustrated when she’s done with tasks at school

 She may withdraw into herself knowing she’s different from other children, or may become restless and can’t sit still. She’s rather explore than be bored.

 8. She asks a lot of questions about how things work.

When there’s a curious preschooler, there should be patient answers.

 9. Gifted children often learn to read at an early age.

Some gifted children learned to read primary school books as early as two years of age.

 10. Most gifted children are aware that they are different from other kids, and may prefer the company of adults.

They talk and listen to adults simply because they enjoy doing so.


Parents with gifted children should help them understand that their cleverness should not make them feel any different from other kids. Do not overwhelm her with too many activities, and just stick to activities she may be particularly interested in to keep stimulating her young mind. Talk to the school about providing reinforcement to gifted children, or provide them at home. At home, give her enough space to just be herself and support her varied interests.

Gifted children should understand that their abilities can be shared with others, and that giftedness is not just an IQ number.  Teach them the benefits of a positive attitude by demonstrating these virtues yourself. Do you know that highly intelligent people often have a good sense of humor? Harness that trait in your child to help her adjust to frustrations that normally comes with giftedness.

Most of all, teach your gifted child that being kind is more important than being right all the time, and that humility and honesty is the best trait one can ever have.


Mylene Enrile is a passionate content writer, bank team member, outdoor enthusiast and her favorite role of all – being a mother. She writes to inspire people on the things that make life beautiful- the daily struggles of work-life balance, the bonds of friendship and family, and the power of positivity in our everyday lives.


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