Activities to Encourage Creativity in Your Kids


By Celine Villadares

As an adult, we know that being creative spells being born with talent. We may blame the genes that we get from our parents but who says creativity is only passed on? There are ways that can make a child develop his inner Picasso or Mozart. While getting the talented genes add up to innovativeness of ones ideas, creativity in many aspects can be honed through early exposure and encouragement. Here are some ways to hone your kids’ own creativity:

Designate a “Creativity” Station

Create a corner for arts and crafts. By designating a particular space that is only devoted to being expressive in arts and innovativeness, you encourage your child to try and experiment. Remember, great ideas come from trying and trying until you come across with that one unique thing. Encourage creativity through space!

Day Trips and Exposure

Interests and ideas can be boosted through visual stimuli and exposure to different mediums of art expression. Those day trips to art and historical museum can help develop your child’s interest to different expression of oneself, note that these place offer the uniqueness of each era when it comes to exploration of arts and creativity. Moreover, outdoor parks nowadays are designed to stimulate the child’s brain in a positive way, so why not take that long awaited stroll and boost your child’s visuals.

Dress up!

Little girls are pretty sure to be doing this often. However, dressing up doesn’t mean just being limited to gender. This can encourage your child to create or invent different personalities that they can come up with; it also inspires them to get unique ideas in order to make their story-turned-reality into one of the most colorful vibrant character! Stimulating their stories and acting up on it would secure your child’s feelings that making these stories could be really good since it’s entertaining the adults.


Every child has their own level of curiosity; now if your child gets to question so many little things— don’t be annoyed! Rather be encouraging. When a child’s question is entertained, it helps the child channel his curiosity towards the right path and be guided with answers from his trusted adults. Help them get the answers and make it even more exciting by playing pretend in finding facts in their hidden treasure land! Take note parents! Be cautious too in being bossy in creativity, bossing them won’t let their uniqueness come out, with the gentle push, you can help them and guide them in exploring their own ability towards creativity.

Read Books

Just as visual stimuli help the child to boost imagination and ideas, so do books! Give them a pile of different genre of children’s books. These are great sources of imaginative authors and it would inspire them to do just as the authors or maybe more! Books are the first magical world that a child can experience having.

There are various ways to help your child maximize his potentials especially in becoming an artistic one. With the right space, attitude and environment, you might never know how these can unlock a natural talent that your child innately has.