Encouraging Reading At Early Age


By Celine Villadares

Many parents focus solely on the developmental milestones of their children and at times tend to neglect establishing healthy habits that they can adapt at early age. While most parents are aware that listening to children’s songs and reading story books are necessary routines, they must grasp the importance of establishing this healthy routine for more beneficial gains in the future. Here are some ways to encourage reading early on:

Read Books to Your Kids:

They say that reading books as early as the time of pregnancy helps develop the bond between the parents and the unborn child. Aside from that, introducing this activity early on builds a solid foundation on literacy which could be helpful in the future once your child has entered school. Imagine raising one who is inclined to such knowledge loving past time! 🙂

Provide Varieties of Materials and Space at Home:

One way to boost the appetite of your child to books is to have a specified space for them—library! It doesn’t have to be big one, a small corner for bookshelves filled with interesting books and mind you- age appropriate books for their level- may inspire them to love books.

Helps Develops Communication Skills:

Early exposure to books may help children to be familiar with sounds and words. It helps build vocabulary and sound differentiation when it comes to linguistic aspect of learning. In this way, as you guide him in his developmental milestone, you can also spot early signs of delayed development in the aspect of speech.

Boosts Creativity and Imagination:

Children’s curiosity and creativity get to them as they grow. Help boost these by providing materials that satisfy for a child’s exploring minds. You might never know, you might be raising the next J.K. Rowling of the young generation!

Establishing a Good and Healthy Habit:

Playing has an important role in the development of a child in many aspects, encouraging a child to engage into learning opportunities, on the other hand, such as reading help him increase his concentration and cultivate a mind that has a love for knowledge.

Most parents desire to raise a smart and knowledge-loving child. With the latest technological gadgets everywhere, it is safe to say that providing a healthy environment that promotes learning and establishing activities that boost healthy routines such as reading can help you as parents achieve the best for your child.


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