The Benefits of Music to Your Infants


By Celine Villadares

Music is said to bring so many benefits in whatever situation a person may be. For a developing infant, parents would always want to provide the best way possible for its physiologic and mental growth. Here are some ways why you must let your infant listens to music for a healthy growth and development:

Helps Develop Brain

Music is a good stimulus that makes your infant respond. Even though the senses of your baby are not yet developed maturely, music helps the development of brain and be more sensitive to tones and pitch. The first few years of your infant is very crucial in his growth and so providing a way to boost these developments through external mean would equate to a happy child and a satisfied parents. Furthermore, a research mentioned that music touches the development in a specific area of the brain which later responds to the progress on certain skills such as Math.

Communicates Better

Due to early exposure to music, your baby may pick up a word or two from nursery rhymes as he grows older. The brain picks up stimulus and connects them in the memory which may result to early development of language. This may make your child be able to communicate way early than what is expected! Isn’t that great?

Higher Cognitive Skills

Parents, have you ever heard the “Mozart Effect”? This is based on a study where it showed that a group of students showed higher cognitive ability in spatial tests, however, the length of being exposed to this classical music of Mozart was still a factor in the research. As mentioned previously, music is a good stimulus that makes your baby’s brain to respond.

Develops and Enhances Motor Skills

We all know that music, especially those that are upbeat, naturally affects our mood and actions. Aside from sensory development due to the tunes and pitch, your baby might respond through actions too! Movement of arms and legs and even smiling (depending on the kind of music you play to him) would be a way that you infant may respond to music. A lullaby results to calm and soothing feeling, not only to your baby but to you as parents as well. Being exposed to music early may encourage your child to be inclined to playing instruments at early age too! Say guitar and piano, it may be a way of their expression as well.

Music has a lot of benefits and we know that as adults, now it would also encourage parents to include music as part of their lives for a healthy growth and development of their infants.


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