Social Activities for Pre-Schoolers


By Celine Villadares

Pre-school stage is the best time to teach your kids of the behavior needed in a social group. This is the time when they pick up easily things that you taught them because they are still exploring. Also, as a preparation for their upcoming larger group integration at school, it is also a good time to establish friendship and provide opportunity for them to be surrounded with different children their age. Here are some social activities that you can do for your child:

Sleep Over-Story Reading

Not all parents would agree to let their daughter or son sleep over some random house that is why it is important to find a group of families or relatives who has the same age children as yours. Sleeping over and having a story reading time together would let the children explore the different emotions depicted in the story. Also, having other kids as companion would allow the kids to express and be exposed to so much funny ideas! It would definitely be enjoyable for them.

Family Picnic:

It doesn’t matter whether be it early in the morning or the late afternoon, having a picnic time would allow your child to see how other families interact with each other in a public place. It is a good exposure and at the same time opportunity to get along with the other children of your area as they play in an open space, as well as get to know the other families of your community. So, seize the opportunity!

Join a Community Program:

Some community hold regular programs such as feeding program or fund raising events which are normally open for public help. This is a great way to join and teach your child how it is to be a responsible member of your community while letting them be socially aware of what’s needed around them. As they say, it is better to make them involve while the children are young. It gives a lot of benefits to your child. Or if you can do so, hold your own fund raising event such as garage sale and donate the proceeds to your community’s needs.

Let Them Partake in Short-term Events:

One way of ensuring that your child is trained socially is by letting him join a club whether be it a sports or a talent one. Whichever you choose as parents would be a win-win situation, why? Because clubs allow the members (in this case your child and the other kids in town) to interact and establish a relationship and give an opportunity of interaction. This is a good medium of interaction since there is something in common as an activity done by the children. A good way to enhance skills as well!

Being socially aware of what’s needed of one’s behavior is an essential part of being an individual, and parents have the significant role of teaching their child of the what should be and what shouldn’t be done in public and in interaction. So, explore more steps to make your child socially well suited. You will be grateful in the future that you taught him young. 🙂


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