5 Crucial Things To Know About Vaccines Today


By: Celine Villadares

Vaccines protect us from dangerous infectious diseases by helping our immune system gets familiar with the components of bacteria and viruses. Its development aimed to prevent especially that most receivers are younger population. So, what should parents be aware with regards to vaccines of today?

1. Vaccines are for prevention.

The development of vaccines has greatly helped our society of today to preserve life and prevent further damage to those who could have acquired infections. Parents must be aware that each vaccination is specific to its target disease and so, it must apply individual care to soothe your child’s reaction e.g. fever or pain in the injection site. The reaction must be mild compared to its benefits in the long run.

2. Presence of Thimerosal- a mercury-based preservative.

From a statement released by Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) a preservative called Thimerosal a mercury-compound which helps prevent dangerous bacterial growth in vaccines, has been removed from vaccines and was solely used now for flu vaccines in multi-vials. Also, it has no evidence that this compound has caused harm in low doses and has shown to be safe when used in vaccines.

3. Autism and Vaccines

A lot of hearsay and myths have circulated claiming that vaccines have strong link to an increase percentage of Autism. However, studies have shown no relationship or causative factors linked to vaccines or its component to be responsible for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Many parents have refused vaccination for their children due to this reason. For further readings, you may refer to CDC studies about this.

4. Vaccine Adjuvants: what are they for?

According to CDC, adjuvants are those added in vaccines in order to help the immune system to respond well for the vaccine to play its role. We are aware that vaccines are developed from weakened disease-causing organism in order to stimulate our body defense to be familiar with it, but vaccines develop nowadays only include a small component of the disease-causing organism. Hence, the presence of adjuvants to make sure that the vaccine will really be effective.

5. Multiple Vaccines

Scheduled vaccines have been given at birth. And for some parents, this is just an appalling sight! Imagine a newborn getting a shot for Hepatitis B! However, be assured that this is a well searched step towards protecting your child. Vaccines are given at such
young age in order to develop a strong defense before they even get exposed to some serious infectious diseases such as pneumonia, whooping cough, tetanus etc. The right timing is a must since the young ones are the most vulnerable to diseases which may further harm them.

It is indeed the parents’ prerogative whether or not to have their children vaccinated. There are many more researches that show how the development of these vaccines help control, if not eradicate, the preventable diseases especially for children. You, as parents, can weigh things out the best benefit when it comes to your child’s health.




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