MOMGOALS: Reese Fernandez-Ruiz


Reese Fernandez Ruiz is most famous for her role as a founding partner and president of Rags2Riches, a Fashion and Design House empowering community artisans based in the Philippines that creates urban artisanal home and fashion masterpieces.

But beyond that, she is also an artist, a storyteller, a designer, a curator, a social activist, a self-proclaimed “life hacker,” a wife to fellow social entrepreneur Mark Ruiz, and just recently, a mom to baby Miguel.

She is your not so typical millennial multi-hyphenate who aspires to do a lot of good in the world…not so typical mainly because of the number of awards she has already received for her work (hello, Forbes top 30 under 30!). But all that aside, what is most refreshing about Reese is her ability to remain humble in spite of all her accomplishments. A quick visit to her blog ( will tell you that she is one who does not take herself too seriously–cracking jokes, making side comments, using quirky emojis…but nonetheless continues to inspire those who read her words and follow her life (@reesefernandezruiz).

To learn more about the brand, follow Rags2Riches on IG at @rags2richesinc, or visit their website at (

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is… PUMP! hahaha seriously. I’m a mommy now (for the past 4 months) and trying to harmonise work, motherhood, family, and taking care of myself.

My typical day looks like… a series of exciting, boring, but all meaningful moments! There is really no such thing as a typical day because I get to stay home some days with my son and some days I go around for meetings and hustling.

My roles are… wife, mom, entrepreneur, writer, artist, speaker, advocate, friend, daughter, sister, and the list goes on. =)

My goals are… be an awesome mommy, a loving wife, and an entrepreneur that builds a positive and impactful business model to inspire the next generations

My children are… Miguel Joaquin Ruiz! And Rags2Riches. haha

Before I become a mom, I wish someone told me that… being a mother is tiring, scary, frustrating, fulfilling, and made up of little moments that don’t seem so exciting but will definitely be memorable. For the first few weeks, you’ll doubt yourself and get really REALLY shaken up. But you’ll find your groove. You’ll get a LOT of advice from awesome mommies and while it is great to consider them, decide on what works for you.

I think the best thing about motherhood is… every single thing. Seriously. =)

I think the hardest thing about motherhood is… also every single thing! haha

I deal with stress by… writing!

I believe that balance is… never really perfectly achieved and that’s okay.

I admire… my husband! he is my best friend, partner, and witness.

I can’t live without… coffee! But really, I can. I just would rather not.

One thing people don’t know about me is… I’m really silly and awkward in real life.

My life motto is… show up. I don’t really have one life motto. I have different themes per year but they all are grounded on the values of integrity, accountability, compassion, and presence.

My favorite book is… The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything

My dream is… to build a better and brighter country through opening more opportunities to those who have none

I end my days by… kissing my son and husband goodnight! AND… pumping more milk.


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