7 Simple Ways You Can Show Your Husband that You Love Him, Everyday


How to show your husband that you love him everyday? Easy question, right? But when you’re juggling a full-time job, two children under two years old, and a whole household, making your husband happy everyday can be a challenging task.

It can be done though! The trick is to keep it simple. The simpler it is, the more capable you become of doing it daily.

LISTEN TO HIM: at the end of the day, when you’re tired to the core because of everything that happened, he’s usually bursting with kwento about his day. Listen to him. Most men aren’t the most gracious storytellers, so I’m sure he looks forward to the end of every day, when he gets to share everything with you.

LAUGH AT HIS JOKES: let’s face it, even if some of his jokes are actually funny, there are some that fall flat. Laugh anyway. You’re his best and favorite audience!

ENCOURAGE HIM: sometimes, all he needs is an acknowledgement of a job well done. He may not admit it, but no matter how long you’ve been married, he’ll always want to feel like your personal superhero.

MAKE HIM THE CENTER OF YOUR UNIVERSE (FOR 5 MINUTES A DAY): you can spare at least five minutes a day to be completely focused on him. Ask him if he needs any help, or if he needs anything for the next day at work. He’ll appreciate the quality time, and soon after, he’ll be asleep and snoring, and you can go back to all the other things you have to do!

TAG HIM IN THE BEST MEMES: as in, tag him on any memes, photos, or articles that remind you of him. When you’re taking a break from your busy day, scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, and something reminds you of him, let him know! He’ll be happy to know that he crosses your mind throughout the day.

TALK TO HIM: talk to him about your day, and let him know that his opinions support matters to you.

HUG HIM: no matter how tough he acts, the warmth of your hugs will always make him melt. Your hugs will allow him to be vulnerable, with the person he trusts most. There are times when he just needs you to hug him, to let him know everything’s going to be okay.

Sometimes, I jokingly refer to my husband as my “real panganay”, because there are similarities between loving him and loving my children. And stark differences, it turns out! I realized that I should love him like I would love a child, but never treat him like one. I should support him as he grows, but remind myself not to nag. I should cheer him on with all his endeavors, but refrain from telling him what to do. (This makes me wonder how men are convinced that THEY’RE the simple ones!)

Like I said, showing your husband that you love him everyday can be a challenging task, and it requires effort. But I also believe that anything can be done with intentionality. You’re a superwoman, and as long as you set your mind to it, you can do it all!


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