5 Summer Wardrobe Staples For Busy Moms


By Mich Lagdameo

Busy, budget-conscious moms aren’t one to prioritize dressing up. The daily grind of errands, childcare, and work in and out of the house doesn’t seem to leave much room for planning IG-worthy OOTDs, but here’s our POV: You can look pretty and fresh with simple, everyday fashion items you might already have lying around, and you should take a couple of minutes each day putting together a presentable outfit, because it does your soul good.

Strut with confidence—even if you’re just pushing a grocery cart—with these so-chic summer wardrobe staples (hey, you can even put them all together to make one smashing look!)

Lightweight chambray button down

Chambray is a timeless fabric, and breathable enough for the summer heat. A classic button-down can be worn with any bottom, or layered over a printed dress for a sweet look. Choose one that fits well, or experiment with your husband’s!

Simple floral dress

Spring and summer will always be marked by the proliferation of floral print. This is one easy way to stay on-trend! Pick a simpler, less busy floral print in colors you know complement your skin tone. A simple shift, wrap, or maxi dress is airy and comfortable enough for everything from paying the bills to hitting to hosting a summer house party.

A nice printed scarf

Scarves in sheer fabric dress up any plain dress or blouse. They’re great to have stashed away in your bag (or tied to it as an accessory), ready to make your usual errand-day jeans and t-shirt look more polished and put-together.

A colorful statement necklace

There are so many necklace styles to choose from, so feel free to express your personal style! Bright beads and stones scream summer, and pair well with your basics to take your look from day to night. They’re small enough to store, too, so you’re not adding clutter to your closet.

Comfortable, but quality, leather sandals

Leather sandals may be pricier than your average footwear, but genuine leather is an investment. And with all the moving around busy moms do, you truly need (and deserve) happy feet! Well-made sandals elevate and complete any summer look, whether you’re just in denim shorts at the mall or in a nice dress for a date night. A punchy nail polish color, and you’re all set for the summer!

Even the most low-maintenance of moms can and should be stylish in the summer! More than just dressing comfortably in this heat, you should definitely take the opportunity to look good to feel good. Never underestimate the power of a pretty dress to transform your look, and your mood!


Mich Lagdameo is a mom to a precocious 1-year-old. She is a writer and editor by trade and calling, and she lives for books, leisurely grocery trips, cups of good coffee, long drives with her husband, and the Food Network. Her days are punctuated by the sound of her computer keys and her daughter banging into things.


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