A Letter to My Mother, My Person


By Anika de Rosas

Dear Mama,

Everyone who knows me knows that you’ve always been my person. You’ve always been the one I’d go to for kwento, for advice, for comfort, for support. And you’ve never failed me.

It must have been difficult to raise such a stubborn child. I remember you describing me as someone who “had to learn the hard way”. And you were right.

I never listened, I did things my way, and I made a lot of mistakes. I’m sure it was painful for you to see me make mistakes that you know you could’ve helped me prevent. Thank you for enduring the difficulty, and never once saying “I told you so”. Thank you for letting me make my own mistakes, and for letting me learn the hard way. Thank you for being there to help me recover from every fall.

It must have been difficult to raise such an outspoken child. There were arguments between us when I was growing up. You could have won each one by using the I-am-Mom card, but you never did. Thank you for letting me talk, and thank you for letting me explain myself. Thank you for making me feel that my opinion always mattered, and thank you for reminding me that as long as I wasn’t rude, I always had a voice.

It must have been difficult to raise such a precocious child.

I was in elementary thinking like I was in high school. I was in high school thinking like I was college. I was in college thinking about my career. I was working and thinking about getting married and having children. I was always ten steps ahead…living in the future, and you were always so insistent about my cherishing each day. .

Thank you for reminding me to slow down, and thank you for making sure that I enjoyed each stage of life that I was at. Thank you for giving me the freedom to grow up, and thank you for never stopping me from moving forward with my life, even when you believed that I wasn’t ready yet.

I must have been difficult then. But I’m not as stubborn as I once was. I’ve learned to listen. I’ve learned to make better decisions.

I’m not as outspoken as I once was. I’ve learned that others have a voice too, and that other opinions matter just as much as mine do. I’m not as precocious as I once was. I’ve learned to be content with where I’m at in life. I’ve learned to wait, because tomorrow will always come.

You handled me with so much patience, understanding, empathy, and love. And because of this, you have brought out the best in me.

I won the jackpot, having you as my mom. You’re amazing not because you’re the “perfect mom” but because you’re simply my mom. You got to know me, you learned the best way to raise me, and you’ve always loved me for me, flaws and all.

You’ll always be my person. There’s really no replacing you, Ma.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Anika is a writer by passion, a hotelier by profession and a wife and mother by choice. She believes in the importance of living a life of service. Her personal mission includes helping her husband achieve his dreams, and raising her two sons to be good, virtuous men.


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