You Deserve it! Easy Ideas for Quick Me-time Moments for Moms

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By: Michelene Lagdameo

Ask any mama and she will tell you that a whole day (or weekend, even!) to herself to do absolutely everything she wants is all she wants for her birthday, Mother’s Day, and Christmas! Free time is a concept that most moms crave the most, and the truth it, we honestly deserve it. However, any mama will also tell you that a whole day free of responsibilities is entirely too unfeasible (which is why it’s often reserved for the aforementioned birthday, Mother’s Day, and other special holidays!)

There’s no need to neglect your self-care, though. You can carve out some me-time daily—even just 30 minutes of time for yourself can work wonders in restoring your sanity and giving you time to decompress. Here are inexpensive and easy ideas for busy moms who need to catch a break.

DIY Spa in The Bathroom

Take 30 minutes to light a nice scented candle or two, stream some soothing music on Spotify, and apply a calming sheet mask in the comfort of your bathroom. You can easily buy facial masks from beauty stores, or you can make your own organic mask with simple pantry ingredients!

YouTube Workout

Whether you want soothing yoga or high-intensity dance, there are quick and detailed workout videos easily searchable online. Prop up your phone or iPad and follow along, no equipment or gym membership required! Also, you can download several free apps like NTC or Sworkit, so you next “gym session” is waiting for you right on your phone.

Daily Devotional

Invest in a daily devotional book or download guides off the internet. You can set aside time in a quiet space to read a passage or two, reflect on the daily lesson, and note a few points (or pour out a few feelings) on a journal. It can be as spiritual as you want—check out The Power of A Praying Wife—or even something as simple as The Happiness Project.

Coffee, Tea, and Me

Brew yourself a cup of coffee or tea and just breathe for a bit! If you have a favorite spot at home, or like to hang out in your kitchen, allow yourself a few uninterrupted moments of peace while the smell of coffee or tea wafts all around you. The smell is known to energize you as you go through the rest of your day!

Color Therapy

The adult coloring book craze may be a little over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reap the calming benefits of letting your artistic side show. Half an hour is enough time to completely color a simple illustration, and you’ll love the sense of accomplishment it will give you.

Regardless of how you spend your “break time,” the important thing is never to feel guilty about it—mamas need to look out for themselves too! So invest time in what makes you smile, even if it’s just for a few minutes each day. You’ll be a happier and healthier mom for it, and you family will feel the difference.

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Mich Lagdameo is a mom to a precocious 1-year-old. She is a writer and editor by trade and calling, and she lives for books, leisurely grocery trips, cups of good coffee, long drives with her husband, and the Food Network. Her days are punctuated by the sound of her computer keys and her daughter banging into things.


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