How to Prepare Your Household for a Flood

flood preparedness

While we live on the other side of the world, the news of the flooding in Texas is very real to a those who live in a tropical country where storms are frequent and flooding usually comes with them. Recent disasters such as Ondoy and Yolanda remind us that we must remain vigilant and prepared when it comes to surviving storms. The safety of those we love most are at risk. Here are ways you can prepare your family and home for a flood.

1. Follow the news. – Check the news every few hours for updates on storm forecasts and flooding in your area. This will give you time to prepare and evacuate if necessary.

2. Prepare an emergency kit. – Your emergency kit should consider the needs of each member of your household. For your babies, bring ample diapers, wipes, bottles, and milk. For the rest, pack water, clothing, medication. Also include important documents, your insurance policy, a first aid kit, and flashlights.

3. Save your cars! – Move your vehicles to higher ground, whether that means up the street or in another location completely.

4. Protect your home.

a. Empty all refrigerators and freezers and leave the doors open when you leave.
b. Put sandbags in the toilets to prevent them from overflowing.
c. Turn off your home’s electrical power.
d. Shut the windows and lock your doors
e. Take photos that might be helpful for building your case for insurance.

5. Evacuate to higher ground. – While your belongings and home are important, the most important thing is the safety of your family. So do everything as quickly as you can bring your loved ones to areas of relief, and be sure you don’t leave anyone behind! (even your pets!)

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