Koconae: Healthy Way to Healthy Hair and Skin


By: Paula Cabrera

I’ve always had fine, long hair. I never had to turn to hair treatments in the parlor or to fancy hair products, and so, it was very easy to care for my hair. Really, any shampoo and conditioner would be fine with me. I was never the kind of girl who depended on monthly hot oil treatments or deep conditioning. I didn’t even have to blow dry my hair for it to be in place.

But after giving birth, my body went through so many changes (and this must be an understatement for most mommas, huh?) and my once lustrous hair just became so dry and frizzy. It became so unruly that the best option was to just tie it so that I could face the world without looking like I got electrocuted. “Messy hair, don’t care” just simply didn’t fit as a mantra for me.

Some of my friends suggested to have my hair straightened, but I was not brave enough for that as I feared that the chemicals will make it worse. Someone else suggested to get a keratin treatment, a safer alternative, and upon having my hair assessed in the parlor, I finally gave in and availed of the service. It worked but only for a couple of months, and after that, my hair was again dry and frizzy.

I also tried different brands of hair products ranging from affordable ones to expensive ones. I even tried organic hair products, but none lived up to their claims of making my hair smooth, silky, and healthy.

After two years of experimenting on how to address the dryness and frizziness of my hair, I finally found my hair saver!

My best friend came across Koconae’s premium virgin coconut products, and tried the shampoo and conditioner herself. She loved the results and even stopped going to the parlor for her monthly hot oil treatments. While tired of trying all these hair products and being disappointed, I still decided to try Koconae, as I am a big fan of coconut oil.

In less than a month of using the shampoo and conditioner, my hair looks and feels healthy! I don’t even need to blow dry it after bathing. Plus, the scent is very mild, as the products are organic. I’m really amazed with the results and the quality of these products on top of the fact that they are affordable!

I also decided to try Koconae’s Coconut Oil Soap Bar and Coconut Oil Facial Foam, and again, I’m not disappointed at all! Both are very mild and don’t leave my skin dry and itchy. I don’t even need to put lotion after using the soap bar!

Mamas, I’m sure we all understand that we need to take good care of ourselves in order for us to take good care of our families. Part of caring for our selves is to take good care of our hair (our crowning glory!) and skin, and turning to healthier alternatives with regard to products we use. I encourage you to check out the products of Koconae at www.facebook.com/koconaephilippines. You’ll definitely love them not just for yourselves but also for your entire family!

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Paula Cabrera is a working mom and a devoted wife. She and her husband are both lawyers who are continuously learning to embrace the joys and pains of both work and parenting. Reading and writing have always been some of her hobbies, and so, despite being busy, she finds time to do both even for just a few minutes everyday. She hopes to be able to be able to reach out to other parents through her short pieces and remind them that they are not alone in the crazy yet fulfilling world of parenting.


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