5 Easy Ways to Show Your Partner na “Mahal Kita”

Our husbands and baby-daddies are our partners in life, child-rearing and everything in between, so showering them with a bit of love and affection from time to time wouldn't hurt 😉


By: Emmelyn Cruz

Heart’s day may be over but it’s not too late to show your husband or partner how much you love and appreciate him. Our husbands and baby-daddies are our partners in life, child-rearing and everything in between, so it wouldn’t hurt to shower them with love and affection from time to time. Plus, if you’re like me who wasn’t able to prepare anything for Valentine’s day, then here’s your chance to do something special and unique for him.

Here are a few ways to show your husband your appreciation:

1. Whip up his favorite food.

If you cook meals regularly for your family, then you can make it extra special by preparing a few of his favorite dishes and even dessert. If you’re lost in your own kitchen, then you can prepare his simplest favorite dish. Whether you do it regularly or not, or whether you’re the best cook or not, it’s the effort that counts and he’ll be sure to see and appreciate that.

2. Take him out on a nice date night.

Surprise him by taking him out on a date night. One of the first things to go once a couple becomes parents is date night so treating him out to one is a sweet surprise. Arrange for childcare, make reservations, and enjoy the night without the kids.

3. Plan a staycation or a weekend of fun.

If a vacation is overdue for your family, then use this opportunity to plan one. Free up a weekend and book a room in a resort or a hotel. Go on a beach day or a city tour and explore new places and experiences with your family. If lounging about is more right your alley, you can just opt to enjoy the hotel’s facilities, order in, and spend a cozy couple of days with your loved ones.

4. Let him plan your day/activity.

Schedule a free day for both of you and do any activity of his choice. If your partner is a gamer and has been asking you to join him, then join him as Player 2 in one of his games. If he’s an athlete or a fitness buff and has been pushing you to join in one of his workouts, then put on your rubber shoes and go.

5. Write a sweet note.

Never underestimate the power of the written word or even a handwritten note. Tell him all the things you love and appreciate about him and acknowledge all the things he’s done for you and your family. No matter how long you have been together, the words “thank you” and “I love you” will never get old. In fact, both phrases only get sweeter and truer over time.


Em Cruz is MomCenter’s editor and a doting mom to a decisive yet sweet daughter. When she doesn’t have her hands full of motherhood, she moonlights as a geek and bibliophile.


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