Is it a Boy or a Girl? Joyfully Reveal It to the World with These Easy and Cute Gender Reveal Inspos

No matter how you may decide to do your gender reveal, we’re sure that your loved ones will surely go gaga over it. So have fun and congratulations on your new baby 😉


The parenting world gets its own share of fads and cute ideas – mainly thanks to Pinterest and Facebook. A few years ago, everyone was doing baby bump photo shoots, newborn shoots, and cake smash photos. These days, the in thing to do are baby gender reveals.

These days, gender reveals are so common that you can’t scroll through your Facebook feed without seeing photos and videos of couples rejoicing over a pink or blue-colored cake or confetti. It’s quite easy to understand why a lot of expecting couples are doing it – it’s a quick, cute, and fun way to let the world know your baby’s gender. And it sure beats telling and answering everyone you know and those who want to know whether your baby is a boy or a girl. Plus, the resulting videos and photos are surely one for the memory books and one that your child would surely have fun watching (once he’s big enough to do so).

If you’re sold to the gender reveal idea, then here are a few fun and easy ways to do it:

1. Colored cake

Every party needs a cake or cupcakes, which is perhaps the main reason why most gender reveal parties make use of either to make the big announcement. You can even have the cake designed according to your personality, just like this couple’s Nightmare Before Christmas cake. Although, make sure that only one color will be evident once you slice it.


2. Popped balloons and confetti

Another way to make your gender reveal party, photo, or video more festive is by using balloons and confetti.


3. Boxed balloons

Aside from popping those balloons, why not surprise everyone by boxing them up and releasing them at once for the grand reveal.


4. Involve your older child

One of the cutest ways to do it is to involve the future older brother or sister. Everyone will surely go “aww” over your big reveal.


5. A piñata

A piñata is another must for festive parties, so it’s also a perfect way to announce your new baby’s gender.


6. Party Poppers

Up the ante by letting your guests in on the fun with party poppers for everyone.

Gender reveal last january 🙂 It was and is awesome to celebrate together 🙂 first time for most of the people to meet yet celebrating with one heart was the best part 🙂 loved how raw the gender reveal was 🙂 if Caitie inspired courage, may this new little one be an "encouragement" that indeed God is faithful and very much involved in each of our lives. that nothing happens by coincidence and that everything is prepared and planned. An encouragement most especially for me 🙂 that whenever I would look at this child's face I would be encouraged that though I do not understand, there can be peace and joy in the arms of the Lord because He has promised it! 🙂 "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33 #todaywiththelucasgenderreveal #lucasgenderreveal

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7. Eggs

If you’re game to get a little dirty for the sake of your big announcement, then this egg breaking reveal is surely right up your alley.

We are so excited!! It’s a….. 🎉 #genderreveal #genderrevealparty

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Aside from these inspirations, you should also take into consideration both you and your partner’s personalities, and if you would also want the reveal to be a surprise for both of you. In this case, you can ask your OB to not reveal your baby’s gender to you and tell it instead to a trusted friend or family member who will then set up the gender reveal for you – order the cake, set up the balloons and poppers, etc.

One thing’s for sure, no matter how you may decide to do your gender reveal, we’re sure that your loved ones will surely go gaga over it. So have fun and congratulations on your new baby ☺


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