An Afternoon of Kulitan and Parenting Gems with Mommy Iya and Baby Primo at the Bambini Family Bootcamp


By: Emmelyn Cruz

“I think a lot of my greatest accomplishments as a mom are the smallest feats Primo is able to do — such as potty training, or packing away his toys,” celebrity mom Iya Villania-Arellano gushes on to host Riki Flo during her short Q&A at the Bambini Family Bootcamp Event.

If you are a 90’s mama, then you’d probably remember the brand’s “Bambini! Ahihi!” commercial that was so popular back then. This time, Bambini’s back with fresh new scents, an updated look, and of course, new brand ambassadors mother and son duo Iya and Primo Arellano. The two joined mommy bloggers for the brand’s relaunch — an afternoon of fun and bonding at the Glorietta Activity Center last Saturday, March 10. And during her short talk in the event, it is easy to see why Bambini-makers Cosmetique Asia chose her to represent Bambini Baby Cologne.

On how she balances her career and mom-life, Iya gushes that “I’m not sure how I balance my career with being a mom and a wife; it just happens!” She further elaborated how she ensures that she has her priorities straight by saying that “when you know what’s important and what you need to get done, then you make it happen. It’s important that I list things down on my calendar even if its date night with Drew or a playdate for Primo.”

Aside from her priorities, Iya also weighs in on something that all moms find to be a challenge: being there for our kids. She says that she wants to be there “every moment he does something new or silly,” which I’m sure is relatable to a lot of moms.

Hence, I think nothing is more apt to sum up the afternoon’s parenting gems than what Cosmetique Asia’s Vice President for Sales and Corporate Development Tim Chuongco said in his speech: “the days are long, but the years are short.” It is an age-old adage, but one that perfectly sums up parenthood.

Long days of caring for their kids’ needs are nothing new to moms, and waking up one morning to find out that their kids are no longer a baby is a bittersweet realization every mom is familiar with. Hence, we moms should also remember to just relax and enjoy the small, special moments we have with our kids — and even their small accomplishments, just like Mommy Iya. This is what Bambini reminds us to do and their Family Bootcamp also provided the perfect opportunity to do just that: enjoy life’s little surprises with our kiddos.

The Glorietta Activity Centre was transformed into a mini boot camp — perfect for kiddos’ vast stores of energy. I brought my 4-year old daughter with me to the event and she had lots of fun exploring the educational and fun activities that included a bouncy castle, a ball pit, a matching game, giant puzzle blocks, and even a larger-than-life coloring book. We were not the only mother and kiddo tandem enjoying everything, as it is evident in every parent and child’s smiles that it was a fun family bonding experience for them as well.

The Bambini Baby Cologne is available in five scents, all inspired by mom-child bonding activities and the fun elements of nature: the floral and sweet Morning Tickles, the calming Starry Lullabye, the clean and breezy Ocean Kisses, the cottony fresh Cotton Cuddles, and the citrusy and fun Sunny Playtime — which is Mommy Iya and Baby Primo’s favorite. All variants are available in 25, 50, and 125 ml bottles.

That morning, my daughter was not interested and never wore cologne in the 4 years of her life. But as the event ended that afternoon, she got one and splashed herself with some — the pink Morning Tickles one, of course, being the ultimate girly girl that she is. Also just goes to show that the years are definitely short — those days of enjoying and basking on her baby scent that felt like weeks ago are in reality a couple of years ago, and now, she has decided to use cologne by herself. So thank you Bambini, for reminding this mom that sweet moments no matter how small are best enjoyed now. And for providing us with sweet-smelling cologne (I love Cotton Cuddles by the way) to enjoy such sweet and kulitan moments without the amoy-pawis smell.


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