Simple Ideas for an Extra Special Mother’s Day from a Dad

Dear dads, hint hint hint 😉✌🏼


You may be used to giving Mother’s Day gifts to your mom like buying her kitchenwares or treating her out, but it may be a different story if you are celebrating it with your spouse. It could actually be even more exciting when you have your kids to help make this day a special one for her.

Here are some simple ideas or ways that you can do to make Mother’s Day special for your wife.

If she wants to stay at home

  1. Help her do the house chores. Or better yet make her feel like a queen and let you and your kids do the cleaning, washing the dishes and even the clothes.
  2. Cook her a meal, her favorite one. Make it extra meaningful by having your little chef serve the dish.
  3. Do the car wash for her. And yes, do clean the interior too.
  4. Let her take control of the TV remote. Remember, she is the queen for the day so she takes control of one of the most important gadgets in the living room.
  5. Give her a full hour massage. It becomes even more fun when done together with your kids.
  6. Instead of buying a cake, bake one for her. Her favorite flavor of course, not yours or your kids’.
  7. Serenade her.
  8. If she loves being with friends, organize a party at home.

If she loves going out

  1. Go on a road trip to a nearby town. A day trip to Tagaytay or even an overnight stay will make for a memorable celebration.
  2. Accompany her while shopping. That includes being a chauffeur for a day of course. Better set the budget if you are paying.
  3. A picnic at the park would be a great idea especially if your kids still love to run around.
  4. Dine at her favorite restaurant. Like where you used to when you were still courting her. It becomes even more special now that you have the kids eat there with you.
  5. Treat her to the spa, that’s if it will only be the two of you going out.

If she loves receiving gifts

  1. Pick flowers with your kids instead of buying
  2. Customize a gift basket. Let your sister help you out in choosing and buying cosmetics, perfume, or those hair & body washes.
  3. Buy that hard-to-find book that she’s been looking for for months. Search in online stores like the Amazon.
  4. Get her a whole year subscription to her favorite magazine. That helps her remember you the whole year.
  5. Create a scrapbook with your kids
  6. Create a card with your kids. Not an ecard or some Mother’s Day greeting on the social media.
  7. A live plant to put on her office desk. She will remember you every day with this.
  8. Another option would be a personalized mug with the message, ‘Best Mom’ or a photo with your kids.

And hey, don’t forget to start the day by going to church to celebrate mass. Remember, Mother’s Day is celebrated every second Sunday of May in most countries.

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